Girls and youth in Delhi get a chance at better living through better employment

The condition of the girl child and women in most societies are poor because they are considered undesirable as opposed to the birth of a boy. Hence the question of getting the girl child educated or considering them fit to be financially independent has not yet arisen. They are married off at a young age and most of the time get bound to household chores or begin work as daily laborers to make both ends meet. The youth in slum areas of Nangloi in Delhi too are under privileged in terms of education and basic necessities to survive, they study up to minimum levels, start to work as daily wage earners at an early age and hence their potential goes waste.

This project aims to uplift the living conditions of such youth by providing them enough opportunities to grow and realize their potentials and use them for their own benefits. Under this project management and retail skills, personality development, soft skills development, spoken English and computer education is imparted so that their social confidence and communication skills improve and they are able to gain favorable employment opportunities so that their living conditions improve.