Opening sustainable employment opportunities for Nakkal Bande youth

This project aims to bring job-related training within the reach of youth from the urban slum of Nakkal Bande in Bangalore. There are 2,700 families in this locality including Kannadigas, Telugu, Tamil and Muslim residents, 15% of which accounts for the youth population.

Most of the youth, belonging to disadvantaged groups, are unable to complete schooling and lack necessary academic qualifications, thus losing the opportunity to get skilled jobs. Inaccessible/unaffordable skill training is another factor that leaves them no other option but to work as domestic workers, drivers, construction laborers, vendors and the like to provide for their families.

Designed on the premise of opening sustainable employment opportunities for the urban poor, this skill training course is provided free of cost for the young people of Nakkal Bande. The curriculum includes subjects like Spoken English, Computer, Lifeskills Education (workplace behavior and personality development), Retail and Sales Management, etc. that help prepare them for employment and independent living. The completion of the skill training course is marked by the job placement process.

Smile Foundation has partnered with the Association for Promoting Social Action (APSA) to implement the STeP project.