Street children in Bangalore get a chance at education

This project works for child care and development of vulnerable street children who are out of school at Jala Halli Village, Shanthinagar and Siddhapura in Bangalore. These children come from families who do not have the capacity to bring up their children in an ideal atmosphere due to extreme poverty.

The children in such circumstances do not get proper care, nutrition and education. They also fall into bad habits and fall victim to exploitation of various kinds and also get trafficked.

The project runs three residential centers in which they are protected from such evils and also get care and education. The educational programs are designed such that it can help them from knowing nothing to getting a decent education. Computer literacy programmes; sports, cultural and martial arts and life skills for children are also imparted for their overall development. Around 250 children benefit every year through the project.

Smile Foundation has partnered with Need Base India for this Mission Education project.