Education for children in slums of Delhi and Gurgaon

This projects works for the upliftment of the backward and slum areas of Gurgaon and Delhi in the fields of education and health and hygiene. The target group is the children from these backward and slum areas.

A lot of reasons contribute towards the poor condition of these places. There are huge disparities in the income levels of the people who stay there, people are illiterate. People are not aware of hygiene and cleanliness and also do not send their children to school. There is a widespread practice of female feticide and child marriage. The project aims at educating the children as well as the adults so that a change can be bought.

Health checkups, awareness campaigns, counseling, services and knowledge transfers through peer education programmes are some important aspects of the project. Presently, 225 children are enrolled under the project.

Smile Foundation has partnered with Max Vision Social Welfare Society for the implementation of this project.