Humanity at its best – the story of unsung heroes

Chennai : As the rain battered Chennai and everything in the city was reeling under water, the only thing refused to die down was the Spirit of Chennai. Chennai stood tall and faced the calamities fearlessly, hand in hand. Youths of Chennai came out in numbers to volunteer the work started by many NGO’s.

Smile Foundation had started relief work as the rain got heavier and flood hit Chennai. From day one Smile Foundation reached out the flood stricken areas with dry foods, Mineral water, survival kits and medical facilities. It was a mammoth task to accomplish alone. We got people who offered their selfless service and helped us in reaching out.

We got almost 500 such volunteers who fearlessly set out, risking their own lives and safety, to help their fellow citizens. Several of them are first-time volunteers and also those who have been rescued from the floods themselves. These volunteers engaged themselves in-field work, helping us to setting up 12 distribution hubs with each distribution point catering to 6-8 sub locations. With their strong support we could reach close to 2 lakh people with packaged food, mineral water as of yesterday and still continuing supplying aid.

The volunteers worked with us day in & day out in extreme weather conditions, half submerged in water , exposed standing in stagnating water with sometimes cuts and bruises. There was no electric supply with feeble network coverage that hampered the co-ordination between rescuing teams and made it worse. Rain, flood, stagnant water & the high risks of adopting water borne diseases thereafter, nothing could stop them to continue the selfless service. Smile Foundation salutes those unsung heroes who braved everything and stood with us in the time of devastation.