Smile Foundation to take Kalam philosophy and teachings to the world through a biopic

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New Delhi :Determined to carry forward his legacy to the world and pay a real tribute to Dr APJ Abdul Kalam, Smile Foundation has decided to make a film on his life. The film will ignite the minds of all world citizens especially the youth and children who the former president so earnestly inspired.

Indeed, such was the persona of Dr. Kalam. After India found its Missile Man in his scientific genius, the poet, writer, and Bharta Ratna awardee, went on to head the nation as the 11th President of India.

The mission he chose – to make a happier, educated future for all the children of the world – speaks volumes about his greatness – touching the lives and igniting the minds, particularly children and youth. He always motivated them to adopt positive values and positive thinking.

“Dr. Kalam was the inspiration behind our first film ‘I am Kalam’ which was a work of fiction. His thoughts, way of living, philosophy and teachings are so powerful that they are meaningful to people across the world. We felt that we should take this story to the international audience. In India you don’t need to tell his story, but we need to tell it to the world so that people know that he was loved not just because he was a President but because he was an inspiring human being”, Smile Foundation’s Executive Trustee Santanu Mishra said.

“We would like to trace his life from childhood to his very last moment of delivering a lecture to the students of IIM Shillong. There is a lot of information that has been published through his interviews, newspaper articles and lectures but we need to fill in the gaps. Our research work will begin very soon,” Mr. Mishra said reminiscing about the film ‘I Am Kalam’ for which the former president was the sole inspiration.

The former president’s teachings must be taken to the global platform, as their relevance defies the boundaries of time and space. This is the main idea behind the biopic – to keep the thoughts of this visionary alive forever, and to reach out to children and youth across the world with his message, paving the way for many more Kalams.