CSR: KFC India partners with Smile Foundation to support Dabbawalas

( October 23, 2020 )

CSR: KFC India partners with Smile Foundation to support Dabbawalas families – Dabbawalas – are today faced with the challenge, as these meal providers and therefore the very face of Mumbai – fending for themselves. The worsening COVID-19 situation in Maharashtra, with most businesses and offices closed, has rendered members of this Six Sigma organization struggling to supply for his or her families.

To increase support to the dabbawalas, KFC India has partnered with Smile Foundation a community that has been delivering meals to several officegoers in Mumbai and is today severely impacted by the extended periods of lockdown. As a part of the brand’s KFC Care CSR initiative, kits of essentials including dry ration and essential items are going to be disseminated to the dabbawalas community and their quite 5000 members of families, from across Mumbai & Pune.

KFC India has undertaken various CSR initiatives to spot and reach bent communities in need, especially to those impacted during the continuing pandemic. The brand served quite 10000 ‘Thank You’ meals to healthcare workers across hospitals in several cities as a token of gratitude for his or her relentless services. As a part of the brand’s ‘Feed a Million’ pledge, quite 2 million meals were provided to daily wagers and migrant workers during the extended periods of lockdown.

The Chief Marketing Officer, KFC India on this CSR initiative, Moksh Chopra, said, “Giving back is one among the core values of KFC. The pandemic has had an enormous socio-economic impact on several communities, including the dabbawalas. As a food brand that aims to feed the planet, we are committed to the present pledge even outside of our restaurant’s partnership with the Smile Foundation, we pledge to support the dabbawalas’ community and their families; enabling them access nutritious food and essentials.”

We are working around the clock to assist communities who are suffering from the pandemic, where we’ve been providing meals, dry ration, and hygiene kits across the country. Coming along side a responsible food brand like KFC India, we would like to now make sure that the ‘meal-providers’ of Mumbai city don’t themselves go hungry.”

Source: https://indiafrontline.com/csr-in-india/csr-kfc-india-partners-with-smile-foundation-to-support-dabbawalas/