Dec 2023

Technology Boosts The 'Healthcare For All' Dream

Technology Boosts The 'Healthcare For All' Dream

Technology Boosts the ‘Healthcare for All’ Dream

No area of our individual and collective lives remains unaffected by technology. Be it shopping, travel, business building, or our interpersonal relationships via social media apps, our inner and outer worlds have become intrinsically interconnected with the evolution of technology.

Upskilling the Traditional Painters in India

For decades, India has explored innovative avenues for education, dating back to radio, television, and now the internet era. Today, as blended learning and AI-driven approaches gain prominence, a transformative revolution in the skilling sector is on the horizon. As the conversations around the ascend of India to higher global economic ranks become more commonplace, the role of a skilled workforce is pivotal to its big realizations.

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Breaking Gender Barriers in Higher Education & STEM Careers

In the context of higher education, particularly in STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics), the importance of girls' education cannot be overstated. Historically, women have been underrepresented in higher education, especially in STEM fields. However, the need to rectify this gender disparity is more pressing than ever. While educational attainment for girls has improved significantly in India, there are still gaps in areas of employment and pay parity. “The country has attained parity in enrolment across all levels of education. However, it has reached only 36.7% parity on economic participation and opportunity,” according to a report of the World Economic Forum.

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