Workshop on Mobilizing Support conducted for grassroot organizations

Among the estimated over 3 million NGOs in India, majority are Community Based Organizations (CBOs) that work closely with small communities on the ground, to bring long lasting change at the grassroots level. Despite the genuine intentions of CBOs, the scope and scale of their work is often limited by a lack of resources, local support and management competencies.

As a step towards resolving these issues, 17 participants from 10 grassroots organizations from 8 states - Chattisgarh, Delhi, Karnataka, Maharashtra, Odisha, Rajasthan, Telangana, West Bengal attended a 5-day programme on mobilizing support for the proper functioning of these organizations and ways to create awareness about the need of such organizations among the masses.

This session was part of Change the Game Academy, an international e-learning platform for CBOs and grassroots NGOs created by the Dutch development Agency Wilde Ganzen, which is being implemented by Smile Foundation in India.

Smile Foundation has been actively working towards strengthening community based organizations across the country for more than a decade now, under its programme Empowering Grassroots.

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