Health services for the villagers of Nimabahera

A general health check-up was conducted for the people of Nimabahera, Bhiwadi on the 21st of September. The people living in the village seldom go to the doctor because of the lack of immediate medical facilities. The elderly of the village were much relieved with the facilities provide which included check-up, diagnosis and prescription of medicines.

Powered with a team of qualified doctor, nurse, lab technician, pharmacist, driver and a group of volunteers, the project aims to benefit over 16,000 children and their families directly every year.

Smile on Wheels programme at present has 34 operational projects in 265 remote villages and urban slums across India, directly benefitting over 400,000 lives in a year.

Smile Foundation is a national level development organisation directly benefitting over 400,000 children and their families every year, through more than 200 live welfare projects on education, healthcare, livelihood and women empowerment, in over 950 remote villages and slums across 25 states of India.

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