Nutritional support for differently abled children

This Mission Education project provides nutritional support for the mentally differently abled children in the rural area of Mandur and its nearby areas in Bangalore Urban District, Karnataka.

The incidence of mental disabilities is particularly high in these areas owing to the poverty levels there and the associated risks of malnutrition, environmental hygiene and prevalence of various communicable diseases. Due to lack of resources, these children are the last ones to get adequate support in terms of nutrition, education and healthcare, even from within the family. Owing to lack of rehabilitation services, they get further marginalized as they do not get access to productive resources, opportunities, information and skills which ensure their participation in social, economic and political processes.

A residential school has been established for these special children where they are provided education, skill development training and medical services to rehabilitate and integrate them with the mainstream.

Nutritional support is provided to these residential school children under the Mission Education programme. Nutrition is crucial for the holistic development of these children as they are generally underweight and suffer from nutritional deficiencies.

Smile Foundation has partnered with Vidyaranya Education and Development Society (VEDS) for this project.

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