Bringing smiles to little ones

Smile Foundation and Utsarga, one of its long time partners, have taken up the task of reaching out to four most needy orphanages in western part of Orissa. Special education as well as health & hygiene programmes have been planned to be introduced in all the identified orphanages.

Utsarga, is a voluntary organization working in field of Health Care, Education and Sanitation in Sambalpur region of Orissa since 1984. Blood donation had been the core activity of the organization.

Utsarga has 800 voluntary members on its fold, and is growing, at the moment. Besides blood donation, its activities also cover health programmes, blood-grouping camps, plantation drive, awareness generation on environment and hygiene.

In partnership with Smile Foundation, Utsarga successfully implemented an Intensive Health Care Project in 2002-03 by adopting a Tribal Village. Utsarga has also been successful to manage its day to day expenses through donations from its members.

The Project

Out of the four identified orphanages, Dhankauda Kanyaashram will cover 25 children, Dhankauda Balashram 25, Rukmini Devi Bal Niketan 62, whereas Dr. Isaac Santra Bal Niketan will cater to 46 children.

Brief details about all the four orphanages are given below:

1. Dhan Kauda Balashram

It was established in the year 1977 by Orissa Government and Smt. Ranjulata Mahanty is the caretaker of the ashram. Total number of children 25, out of which 6 are between the age group of 5 and 10, and 19 children are above 11 years of age.

2. Dhankaunda Kanya Ashram

This orphanage is dedicated to girl child and is run supported only by the government of Orissa till now. Out of the 25 girl children, 11 are in the age group of 6 and 10. The rest 14 are above 11 years of age.

3. Rukmini Lal Balniketan

It is being run by the government of Orissa and was founded by veteran freedom fighter late Smt. Prabhabati Devi. The orphanage is situated about 12 Kms. from Dhankaunda. Out of the total 62 children, 25 are girls.

4. Dr. Issac Santra Bal niketan, Phuljharan

It was established in 1979 and is managed by Kasturba Gandhi Matru Niketan, Paimal in Bargarh district through the District Social Welfare Officer, Bargarh. It is situated on National Highway No. 42. Total number of children here is 62.

Smile Foundation and Utsarga will provide education, health & hygiene and other life education based support to all the children in the four selected orphanages.

The highlights of the programme are:

• Special Educational support by trained teachers
• To provide clothes, daily utility materials like bed sheets, blankets, mosquito nets, soaps and detergents etc.
• To provide health facilities to all children - through monthly health checks up by specialists- with focus on Deforming /Vitamin Deficiency/Vision /ENT-Tests, vaccination etc.
• Free medicines to sick children
• Treatment through referral for serious cases needing expert or advance medical care
• Provide health & hygiene education.

Special Focus

Smile Foundation and Utsarga will try to get maximum children admitted to formal schools their retention will be ensured. Academic performance of all the children will be monitored and an average of 60 percentage of marks will targeted. Morbidity incidence, disease types all other medical records for each child will be monitored in a systematic manner.

Who knows, many budding talents might be hidden among them, just waiting for a little nurturing.

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