Corporate & Institutional Supporters

Navneet Kapoor

President & MD
Target India

“Our partnership with the Smile Foundation is a great example of how corporate and social organizations can empower sections of society through literacy and well-being initiatives. Target has a legacy of giving and service to the communities where we operate. By partnering with Smile Foundation in meaningful ways, we wish to continue building a strong foundation for those who may be lesser privileged. We are thankful to Smile Foundation for giving Target team members opportunities to volunteer and give back to the community.”

Yeshwant Pawar

General Manager, Air France-KLM Alps, Balkans and Central Europe

“We at Air France-KLM have been working in close co-operation with Smile Foundation to help empower underprivileged children and youth through relevant education, innovative healthcare and market-focused livelihood programmes. Since 2010, we have supplemented substantial support system and together with Smile, we hope to bring changes in the lives of children, youth and women.”

Nitin Passi

Lotus Herbals LTD.

“We have been proud to be associated with Smile Foundation which is doing some wonderful work for underprivileged children. We expect our Lotus Herbals' lip care products to bring upon a 'Smile' to our customers and in turn spread this 'Smile' to the children in need while taking care of their needs.”

Neha Hirani

Managing Director

“It feels nice to associate with a noble initiative like Smile Foundation, which is a great endeavor working towards children's education, healthcare, women empowerment and girl children. Our patrons feel happy by contributing something towards the betterment of society.”

Uzma Irfan

Director - Corporate Communications Prestige Group

“Ever since its inception, Smile Foundation has come a long way in making a significant contribution to society by improving the lives of thousands of individuals. It makes a difference each day by playing a pivotal role in crucial areas impacting our society such as education, women empowerment, healthcare, social entrepreneurship and so on. The Prestige Group is happy to have been associated with Smile Foundation’s efforts and will look forward to supporting their future initiatives.”

Sukumar Srinivas

Managing Director Shankara Infrastructure Materials Limited

“By taking affirmative action, whether in kind or physical participation, is the first step in acknowledging and accepting our responsibility to society at large. Children are the future of any society. Smile Foundation nurtures and nourishes them with good education, in order that they become empowered citizens of this nation with equal rights and opportunities.”

Sandra Koojman

Senior Project Manager

“We are happy to have Smile Foundation as Net4kids partner and to contribute to 4 e-Learning centres in India. We hope many youth will benefit the computer skills and English language education under Smile Foundation's STeP programme. We trust this progarmme will successfully build capacity of thousands of youth and help them in getting good jobs.”

Dinesh K. Gupta

Managing Director
Busy Infotech PVT.

“The Smile Twin e-Learning programme spread across India is really a thoughtful initiative. It will help open new employment avenues for underprivileged youth. Busy Infotech is proud to be associated with Smile Foundation in this endeavour and add value to the same.”

Vsevolod Rozanov

Former President & CEO

“At MTS, we are committed to leverage the advancements in telecom technology to make a difference within the communities where we operate. Our partnership with Smile Foundation is part of the same endeavor. Today internet has become the store house of knowledge. I am confident that the children studying at Mission Education centers will gain immensely from this initiative and become more aware and informed individuals.”

Rajeev Sharma

Chairman & MD Rural Electrification Corporation (RECL)

“We understand our social responsibility as an organization and always look for correct partners to work towards this. Smile Foundation has been doing great work for national development and REC is happy to associate with them to promote primary healthcare services in the villages of Rae Bareilly and Ashok Nagar. REC is sure of a fruitful association with Smile Foundation.”

Srinivas Reddy

Former CEO Tusker Harley-Davidson, Bangalore

“Through social services and in association with Smile Foundation, we at Tusker Harley-Davidson entrust relentless support to the needy and exploring matters of common concern and achieve good practices in grant-making. The association strives to spread awareness in the world we know and bring social justice to the underprivileged by persistently creating a world where children, women and men live in harmony, tranquility and peace.”

Aditya Malhotra

Managing Director
Amtek Auto Ltd.

“At Amtek Auto, we strongly believe in our commitment to the cause of children’s education. We have been associated with Smile Foundation for the past three years and are happy to have nurtured over 400 children through various programmes undertaken with them. Children are the future of our society and we need to endow them with good education so that they become empowered citizens of this nation with equal rights and opportunities. The partnership with Smile Foundation has helped strengthen our social responsibility initiative and implement useful community development programmes.”

Yuji Nakata

Managing Director Konica Minolta Business Solutions Pvt. Ltd.

“Konica Minolta has been associated with Smile Foundation for several CSR initiatives from last three years. With our mutual partnership and support extended over three years, we have contributed for the education of more than 300 underprivileged children on a National level. We believe in their endeavour towards development of Indian society and look forward to expand our reach in coming years. We sincerely congratulate Smile Foundation for their remarkable efforts towards unlocking many dreams of our future generation.”

Dr. H.P. Kumar

Former Chairman & MD National Small Industries Corporation

“Working for the development of the less privileged has always been an important aspect of the way we function and work. Hence when Smile Foundation approached us with the concept of having an integrated development project, we immediately committed our support. We are happy to have partnered with Smile Foundation and hope that with this partnership, we will be able to achieve our vision of bringing about growth and development of the less privileged.”

Avinash Venkat

Director HR
South Asia & Sub-Saharan Africa Avery Dennison

“We have worked with Smile Foundation on community development projects since early 2011 and have been able to see a clear impact on the community through tangible deliverables. What also sets these projects apart is that in addition to the larger agenda of community development, each of these provides an opportunity for our employees to engage in community development initiatives, steering away from cheque-book philanthropy approach. This in turn, encourages us to identify additional opportunities to work with Smile Foundation on projects that make a difference to the community.”

Soundaria Lakshmi

Head HR,
GEC India
Hyder Consulting

“As an Arcadian, I believe in enhancing the quality of life. While we are successful in accomplishing this mantra in our businesses across global locations, at the same time, we are keen to bring in meaningful impact in our society too. In this endeavor, the Smile Foundation has helped us to learn about underprivileged children and youth through relevant education, innovative healthcare and market-focused livelihood programs. For our people, the Smile Foundation was a popular choice as it is not reliant on financial donations. Apart from the financial support, the foundation is allowing our people to get actively involved and promote awareness in line with our CSR targets. Every year, with the support of my colleagues, we are able to achieve our mission thereby bringing an extra smile to thousands of children through the foundation.”

Rekha Talluri

Director Finance

“It is amazing to see the talent and skills that each of these kids possesses. They are so clear in their mind at this age, at the age of 11 and 12 about what they want to become and why they want to become. I am totally amazed by the investment that is made by the foundation, Smile Foundation in terms of development of these kids. I really hope we can take the partnership further. ”

Mamta Wasan

Human Resource Function

We for the past several years have partnered with Smile Foundation for our CSR activity. We believe in giving back, in fact one of our guiding principles is giving back and we decided to look at what is that one thing that could add maximum value to the country and we felt that education is that one thing that would make a big difference, of course healthcare is as well which we will be adding as we go forth. We have partnered both in skill development as well as education with Smile and we have had a great partnership.

We find Smile high on integrity, a very sincere NGO with a lot of PAN India reach and thus this is only growing each year. We hope to really make a difference to lots of lives in India and bring smiles top tons of faces.


Dinesh Kumar Gupta

EVP Internal Audit

One of our focus areas is health and we have associated ourselves with Smile Foundation for focusing on health projects since January 2016. Right now we have three vans, mobile medical vans which provide primary health services to various communities on a yearly basis. The people who have been doing this have a lot of courage and the work has been quiet impactful and we are happy with them.

Snehal Mantri

Director of HR
and Marketing, Mantri Developers Private Limited

“We are proud to be associated with Smile Foundation supporting their Step Centre in Bangalore. This has been an emotional journey for us to connect with the youth and future of India.”

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