St. Paul Charitable Education Society

The Founders

Deepak Kumar Masih is the man behind establishment of St. Paul Charitable Education Society. He hails from a small village where he has always seen students suffering from lack of good education. He was privileged enough to receive quality education thus after completing his Master of Arts in Sociology, Masih decided to work for the poor and needy. Being the Founder Director for St. Paul Charitable Education Society, Masih envisions building a society and nation where everyone is empowered with education and contributes for national growth.

About St. Paul's Charitable Education Society

St. Paul Charitable Education Society, a non profit voluntary charitable social welfare organization that was registered in 1988 at Jhansi, Uttar Pradesh. God motivated Deepak Kumar Masih to promote the spirit pf charitable work when he was young. The society is managed by a team of professional social workers. In last few years the society has emerged as one of the most popular and responsible protestant in the region

Smile Foundation found the members of the society extremely passionate to stand up for the development process. Before partnering with Smile Foundation the work of St. Paul Society was limited to rural areas. It was only after the implementation of STeP centre the society ventured into urban slums and the needs of underprivileged youth there.

St. Paul Charitable Education Society is committed to uplift the needy and down trodden, dalits and other backward and sick and suffering in India. The society works particularly for the betterment of tribal, adiwasi, dalit and those living in remote rural areas and urban slums. The organization is highly active in the areas of Bundelkhand. It also promotes various relief measures for suffering human, education, public health, social welfare and economic development among marginalized sections irrespective of their religion, caste, creed, color etc. The society is known for its accountability and working complementarily with the government of India.

Programmes at St. Paul Charitable Education Society:

Krishi Vigyan Kendra at district Kaushambi

• Vocational Training Centre (Electrician Training Programm)

• HIV/AIDS Programme

• Smile Twin e-Learning Programme

• Health Care Centre & Health Programme

• Child Development Centre

• Education Day Care Centre

• Adult Literacy Centre

• Community Development Programme

Stories of Hope

Ravi Kumar Singh could not pursue higher studies because of financial constraints in family. His father is into a private job that pays less. Ravi is very fond of academics but lack of money did not allow to do any course. He came to know about STeP centre and its placements. After completing six months course Ravi was placed with St. Jude Hospital as a computer operator. Just within one month Ravi was promoted and started receiving higher salary.

Shahista Parveen is the only earning member in her family. She lost her father as he suffered from a serious disease. Her family is very poor and there is no support of any relative too. Shahista vowed to do something for her family. She completed STeP course and became a computer teacher in Saraswati Vidhya Mandir. She is also spreading knowledge about the importance of health that she has learned during STeP course.

Rajni Raikwar has three younger sisters. Education has always been least important in her family as her parents always felt the burden of marrying four daughters. Rajni made it a point to somehow complete graduation. She enrolled in STeP course as the fees was really low. Her parents are now proud as they see Rajni working on computer efficiently and bringing good money to home. Rajni has joined a photo studio and is enjoying her job there.

“STeP course has changed my life altogether”, says Ashish Sharma. Ashish is currently working as a team leader in a BPO. He is self dependent and his parents are also very happy about his career. Ashish is able to solve many of his family problems through the STeP course and job.

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