The world today is facing an
unprecedented challenge in the form of
And while the world is battling the virus,
here in our country
we have another war also to win.
Thousands of migrant workers and daily
wagers have been left jobless
in the wake of the current
state of lockdown. And while most of
us are worrying about our kids’
education, our job, our future,
our businesses and its prospects
and how to handle time
at home in isolation
or simply getting bored at home.
The less privileged ones have
only one worry.


Where will their next meal come from?
Will their kids sleep on an empty stomach again?
Will their family survive another day of starvation?


And if hunger doesn’t get them, disease surely will. They stay in makeshift homes that open into each other.
Social Distancing is an alien concept and almost impossible to follow, even if they tried. Their living conditions are
deplorable as the most basic hygiene and sanitation facilities haven’t
reached them yet.

India it is time now to do what you do best. It is time to SHARE!

Smile Foundation along with KFC has come forward to develop a two-pronged approach to mitigate this crisis
and aims to reach 1,50,000 such families in this critical hour of need.


We have designed a comprehensive
Food Supply Programme.
Under this program, we have created
Hunger Survival Kits that would
primarily provide essential Dry Rations.
These Hunger Survival Kits are being
disbursed in such localities and clusters with immediate effect
for the next 30 days.

Hunger Survival Kit

Rice, dal, salt, oil, sugar
and other essentials like masks
and sanitary pads.


Following ZERO CONTACT policy,
we have launched a completely
telephonic and digital Health Awareness
Initiative. Our team of medical
experts and counsellors from
Smile foundation, Smile on Wheels
are providing online medical assistance,
tele consultation and tele counselling
on queries about COVID 19, its
precautions and the need for social distancing, across the country.


Telephonic Counselling