We wish to caution the students, parents, jobseekers, educational institutions and the public at large that Siemens Limited and/or any of its affiliates or group companies (‘Siemens’) have not formed or registered any charitable trust in India to offer any Scholarship program. As a policy, Siemens does not authorize external parties to conduct scholarship drives or extend offers of employment on its behalf. It is also not our policy to charge or collect fees of any kind from educational institutions or from candidates for participation in a scholarship and/or recruitment event or to receive resume, CV’s or offers of employment. Request you to https://new.siemens.com/in/en/company/sustainability/corporate-citizenship.html for any technical and/or educational training or scholarship program offered by Siemens. Any person or organization dealing with unauthorized parties is doing so at their own risk. Siemens is not responsible for any consequential losses (monetary or otherwise) that are incurred. Siemens will also not have any obligation to provide scholarship, training and/or employment to anyone who has been issued a fraudulent offer letter, or to offer any other recourse whatsoever. In order to verify the authenticity of any Siemens scholarship, training or recruitment event or Offer letter you can write to us at report2siemens.in@siemens.com. PROGRAMME FOR HIGH ACHIEVERS IN SOPHOMORE AND JUNIOR YEARS IN INDIAN COLLEGES Completel y based upon academic accompli shment s , per sona and real-world skill s . Round wi se selection. Es tabli shed in 2014, Siemens Scholar ship i s a regi s tered charitable trus t in India with a vision to identify world-changers and connect them with outs tanding scholar ships and community . In working with these students – beginning in college, through college, and onto their careers – we hope to es tabli sh a community of future leaders who will leave a strong impact on society. The program is made possible by generous donations raised from individual citizens, Indian corporations and the leading partner institutions abroad. Siemens now looks to award technical scholar ships to students in the highest tech institutions of the country. This includes students from sophomore and junior years of colleges. The scholarship is awarded on the basis of several rounds which include filter round, application and interview rounds . The scholars also get access to the alumnus community of well-established researchers and leaders . 2020 registrations start at: siemenseducation.typeform.com/to/cjFOU0

“It is hard to beat a person who never gives up.”

Similar is the story of around 130 odd students from all over India who have fought against all odds to secure a place at some of the most prestigious engineering colleges in the country. A day’s wage of a father of such children can only feed the mouths; imagine the level of hard work it must have needed to save for education. These children belong to very humble backgrounds. Daily wage earners, vegetable vendors, washer men and every odd job are being done by the parents to see the day they had only dreamt of. It must have taken them forever to earn enough and get their children educated but the sheer determination of the children had always encouraged them to do more and work with zeal. And the result of their hard work was the success of their children.



India being a developing country has a huge number of population which lives below the poverty line. Gathering the basic necessities is a struggle in itself for this population and education especially higher education becomes a distant dream for the children born in these households. Children from these types of background generally discontinue their education after 12th standard because of the lack of funds and support from parents. In an attempt to encourage more such hard working students and provide an opportunity to the students by felicitating their growth story Siemens Limited initiated the Siemens Scholarship in the year 2014 in the month of February.

Smile Foundation associated in this novel cause with Siemens in the year 2015 again in the month of February. The online application for this scholarship starts from the month of August-September (this year it will start in July- August). All the children selected for this scholarship come from a background of merit-cum need basis and have to have a score of at least 50% and minimum 60% in the subjects of Physics, Chemistry and Maths. The role of Smile Foundation is to get in touch with government engineering colleges at a Pan India level and co-ordinate with the eligible students and colleges. But applications are accepted from NITs located in North east region (for both girls and boys).

After conducting the due diligences a 50-50 ratio of deserving boys and girls are selected for the scholarships. More preference is given to the students of Jammu and Kashmir and the North Eastern states. But applications are accepted from NITs located in North east region (for both girls and boys). After conducting the due diligences a 50-50 ratio of deserving boys and girls are selected for the scholarships. More preference is given to the students of Jammu and Kashmir and the North Eastern states.

Project Highlights

  • So far three batches of students have been provided with the scholarship and 129 students in total; 20 students of the first batch, 59 students of the 2nd and 50 students of the 3rd have benefitted from this initiative.

  • Students from the streams of Mechanical, Electrical, Electronics/ Instrumental, Electronics and Telecommunications, Computers/ Information Technology are eligible for this scholarship.

  • Students who come from families whose annual incomes are not more than 2 lacs are eligible for this scholarship.

  • Internships are provided in the 3rd and 4th year during the summer vacations to the students to make them more careers focused.

  • Round the year counselling is provided to the students through telephonic conversations and email connects with the counsellors. Apart from academic developments the students are provided with personality development programmes, soft skill workshops etc to keep them at par with the ever growing developments.






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