Job-oriented training and counseling for Hebbagodi youth

This project deals with the specific issue of unemployment among people who fall under the BPL category, with special focus on those with disabilities. Although the city of Bangalore is home to 30% of the country's IT workforce, it also has about 25-35% of its population living under challenging conditions in slums. These slum dwellers are deprived proper education and resort to informal labor for income.

Hebbagodi is an industrial area in Bangalore surrounded by four huge slums that are mainly inhabited by migrant workers from Karnataka, Tamil Nadu and various other parts of the country. Among the total population of 50000, there are around 600 unskilled youth who either work as daily wage laborers or take up other such belittle occupations like domestic help, drivers, coolies, watchmen and vendors.

The aim of this project is to target these unskilled youth living in Hebbagodi slum areas and make them self-reliant by economic empowerment and livelihood skills training. Designed on the premise that skills can be developed through education and right opportunities, this job-oriented training focuses on computer education, spoken English, personality development, office assistant skills and retail sales.

Along with the curriculum, activities like exposure visits, interactions with industry experts and job fairs are conducted to enable students gain first-hand experience and add to their skills and personality development.

Smile Foundation has partnered with Sama Foundation for the implementation of STeP project.

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