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Smile Foundation in Brief

Smile Foundation is a national level development organisation working in 25 states of India through 250 projects on issues of education, healthcare, livelihood and women empowerment, directly benefitting over 400,000 underprivileged children and families.

Social Venture Philanthropy

Smile follows the model of Social Venture Philanthropy, an idea successful in the business world as venture capitalism. Smile identifies, handholds and build capacities of genuine grassroots NGOs to achieve scalability and sustainability with a deep sense of accountability among the non-profits.

Credibility & Governance

Credibility and accountability have always been the benchmark for Smile Foundation and are achieved through the adotion of principles of good governance in its processes and practices. Smile Foundation has a four-tier audit and evaluation mechanism to ensure impact of investment and complete transparency and accountability in utilisation of funds. This mechanism reviews programmes and projects, internal operations, compliance of statutory norms and conducts an external evaluation for the impact and outcome of various development programmes.

CSR & Alliances

Smile Foundation has had the privilege of getting support from more than 250 global brands besides various national and international alliances in course of its journey so far.

Mission Education

Mission Education, a national level programme of Smile Foundation, focuses on providing basic education to underprivileged children, thereby creating the process required for streamlining the underprivileged children to mainstream schools. Since 2002, Mission Education has benefitted more than underprivileged 200,000 children across India.

Smile on Wheels

Smile on Wheels is a mobile hospital programme which brings curative, preventive and promotive healthcare services to the doorsteps of underprivileged families in remote rural areas and underserved urban slums. Smile on Wheels programme has directly impacted the lives of more than 10,00,000 children and families so far.

Smile Twin e-Learning Programme

Smile Twin e-Learning Programme (STeP) is a livelihood programme that trains urban and rural underprivileged youth in market-oriented job skills for enhancing their prospects of employment in the fast expanding retail, hospitality and service sectors. Smile Foundation has so far trained over 22,600 youth and placed 14,500 among them in more than 150 leading brands across India.


Swabhiman is an initiative for empowerment of women and girl children through establishing health seeking behaviour, providing educational support, empowerment through male involvement, sustaining the change by involving communities, and sensitisation. Swabhiman has benefited over 500,000 women and girls directly.

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