Swabhiman activities benefits men, women and the society

Swabhiman project titled “Empowering Women and Adolescent Girls Through Reproductive Health Education and Services” in Surat Nagar phase 2 in Gurugram, with the aim to empower women and girl by generating awareness and providing access to quality reproductive and sexual health care. In addition, male involvement and their sensitization is an integral part. The focus beneficiary groups included adolescent (10-19 years), women in reproductive age (20-49 years) and men (20-49 years).

Through this project 16,465 people reached extensively and sensitized on reproductive and sexual health. 403 contraceptives & 286 sanitary napkins were distributed to promote practice of family planning and hygiene. 1315 people received free health services through periodic health camps. 131 pregnant women and 119 lactating mothers were constantly guided for proper Ante Natal and Post Natal Care. 931 community members sensitized on reproductive and sexual health issues through BCC, and there was celebration of important days & workshops were conducted by health experts. Approximately 1000 people availed free of cost health services through periodic health camps that imbibed a health seeking behavior among the community members.

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