Responsenet Development Services

The Founders

Kuldip Nar, the man behind the establishment of Responsenet Development Services has an experience of more than 15 years across verticals like global trading, media, technology and travel. Kuldip realized that many NGOs are doing good work but unfortunately there work is not showcased to the outer world and development stories are not a huge success in media industry too. He truly realized the need of communication for development organizations.

He soon decided to start his own initiative and not only empower the marginalized but also create a platform where many such organizations can interact and solve the concerns by being a part of the development process. Kuldip Nar is the founder and managing director of Responsenet Development Services.

About Responsenet

Responsenet was registered in 2007 that is committed to provide a leading technology based collaboration tool. It is a network of the abilities of thousands of organizations and individuals in a connected way for the benefits of the development sector universally. Responsenet provides effective, accurate, genuine and timely information on a 24x7 relief and rehabilitation mode for emergencies and ongoing response. The integrity and trust with our partners is the utmost response measurement benchmark for us.


In view of the increasing vulnerability to disasters and emergencies, whether natural or man-made, the Government of Manipur initiated the Community based Disaster Management Programme. Responsenet in collaboration with Relief and Disaster Management, Government of Manipur organized training on community based disaster management programme. The trainings will provide 60 unemployed youth, to be trained as Master Trainers. The Master Trainers will act as a guide to the Disaster Management bodies constituted at the village level. The programme forms an important component of skill enhancement, gender equality, capacity building and employability advocated by Responsenet.

The Community based Disaster Management Programme fulfill the objectives of:

1. Knowledge development

2. Skill development

3. Capacity enhancement

4. Gender Equality

5. Employability

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