Smile Foundation takes to streets in Bhopal to raise noise against Child Labor

Smile Foundation partnered with students and teachers from Hema Higher secondary School in Bhopal to raise awareness against child labor and its impact on young lives at a daylong event in Bhopal on Tuesday.

School students and volunteers from Smile Foundation took to roads with banners, child rights activists and sloganeering on April 30, to educate and advocate the ills of child labor among the city dwellers. Students with the teachers and school Principal and Smile volunteers took questions from general public on child labor and related laws to help them understand that it was against the Constitution of the country to employ or engage a child in any establishment under the age of 14.

Under Child for Child programme, Smile Foundation visits various schools and conducts engaging sessions for the young minds. It sensitizes children towards various causes and let them realize their privileged status.

CFC currently reaches out to nearly one million privileged children in 1974 schools spread across 417 districts of India, every year. In addition, their parents and teachers are also involved in the process. The programme has today reached out to each part of India with the exception of Lakshadweep.

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