It goes without saying that the media fraternity is a very important institution in the development of the underprivileged community of the country.

The media today encompasses essentially every component of the society. And in a way, that it is nearly impossible to remain ignorant anymore. It plays a major role in developing opinions or preferences, interpretation of how people see the world around them, purchase decisions, etc.

Most importantly, the media brings awareness to the people. That awareness triggers thinking. And only when the privileged ones think seriously about their role play in development of the deprived, will they participate in it. The media fraternity has given Smile Foundation overwhelming support so far. Without their advocacy it would have been very difficult for Smile to reach out to all those needy and deserving children through its welfare initiatives.

However, to further expand our reach, we seek more such support from the fraternity and all its affiliates.

Title Publication Date

Brightening Up Lives with SMILES

26 December 2017

Spreading Smiles

25 December 2017

Spreading smiles this festive season

28 December 2017

Kangana Ranaut turned Santa this Christmas

28 December 2017

Kangana turns Santa this Christmas

28 December 2017

No Films for Kids

28 December 2017

Amazon Prime ties up with Smile International Film Festival

22 December 2017

Amazon Prime ties up with Smile International Film Festival for Children and Youth

22 December 2017

SIFFCY gearing up for a rocking start

17 December 2017

Songs of Experience

11 December 2017

Raveena Tandon at SIFFCY

11 December 2017

SIFFCY, Filling children with enthusiasm and fun

11 December 2017

Reconnecting to Roots

11 December 2017

Smile International Film Festival starts at Siri Fort Auditoirium

11 December 2017

Cake Mixing Ceremony at Globai Kitchens

26 November 2017

Cake Mixing Ceremony at Globai Kitchens

23 November 2017

Vatika Business Centre celebrates Children's Day with Smile Foundation children

16 November 2017

Celebrating Childhood

14 November 2017

Palghar dist office to be one-of-its-kind

14 November 2017

Bhavan schools principals' meeting comes to a close

13 November 2017

Saluting the Gurus

6 September 2017

Teaching the world to ‘smile’ again

July 2017

School Health camp for students of Haridwar

10 July 2017

Learning Fest for Swabhiman Scholars

30 June 2017


20 June 2017

Whither, girl power, One India One People Magazine

April 22, 2017

Bridging Gap in Indian Healthcare System

April 2017

In conversation with Shantanu Mishra, Fame Magazine

March 2017

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