It goes without saying that the media fraternity is a very important institution in the development of the underprivileged community of the country.

The media today encompasses essentially every component of the society. And in a way, that it is nearly impossible to remain ignorant anymore. It plays a major role in developing opinions or preferences, interpretation of how people see the world around them, purchase decisions, etc.

Most importantly, the media brings awareness to the people. That awareness triggers thinking. And only when the privileged ones think seriously about their role play in development of the deprived, will they participate in it. The media fraternity has given Smile Foundation overwhelming support so far. Without their advocacy it would have been very difficult for Smile to reach out to all those needy and deserving children through its welfare initiatives.

However, to further expand our reach, we seek more such support from the fraternity and all its affiliates.

Title Publication Date

Balika Vadhu smile on Children's Day


Nov 14, 2008

Lending a smile on Children's Day

Nov 17, 2008

School Students Support for a Noble Cause

Nov 06, 2008

Students lending a helping hand

Nov 06, 2008

Care on Wheels

The Week

Oct 26, 2008

Underprivileged Kids Turns Beauty Experts

Oct 21, 2008


India News

Aug. 30, 2008

In India, New Opportunities for Women Draw Anger and Abuse From Men

Aug 25, 2008

A reason to grin

Aug 26, 2008

Local Action with Amrapali Utkarsh Sangh, Nagpur


Aug. 23, 2008

Local Action with Amrapali Utkarsh Sangh, Nagpur


Aug. 15, 2008

Girl Child Inititive

July 13, 2008

SMILE Children as Celebs

July 17, 2008

Smile Foundation celebrates in Dharavi

Mumbai Times

Jul. 08, 2008

Disquiet Souls

India News

June 21, 2008

Smile on Wheels

June 17, 2008

Service with a Smile

June 2008

Multi-speciality Hospital For Slums

June 11, 2008

Smile on Wheels Flagged Off

June 11, 2008

Two Mobile Hospital Van Flagged Off

June 11, 2008

Medical Help for the Underprivileged

June 11, 2008

Healthcare on Wheels

June 11, 2008

Innaugration of Smile Health Van

June 11, 2008

Smile on wheels Flagged off

June 11, 2008

Balotsav for Underprivileged Children

The Free Press Journal

June 09, 2008

Making it Better

May 02-15, 2008

Child labour

May 01, 2008

Battling Child Labour with a Smile

May 01, 2008

80 Thousand Child Labourer in Mumbai

NavBharat Times

May 01, 2008

A Fight Against Child Labour

Lok Mat

May 01, 2008

Awareness Programme on Child Labour

Apr. 29, 2008


Apr. 23, 2008

GE Healthcare - Modern Medicare excellence Award

Apr 06, 2008

Action For Children

The Statesman

Apr 06, 2008

Launch of Lucknow Smile on Wheels

Voice of Lucknow

Mar. 22, 2008

International Women's Day

NavBharat Times

Mar. 08, 2008

HINDALCO - Aditya Birla Group - Free Health Camp in Kolkata

Mar. 09, 2008

Women's Day

Mar. 08, 2008

Smile Foundation adopts 5 schools

NavHind Times

Mar. 08, 2008

Rally against Female Foeticide and Child Marriage

Feb. 24, 2008

Readying Youngsters For Jobs

Mar. 01, 2008

Healing Touch

Feb. 01, 2008

Smile Please, Help is at hand

Jan. 20-26, 2008

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