The Founders

As a brother belonging to the order of Montfort Brothers of St Gabriel, Bro Jose Vetticatil had been committed to the cause of deprived for the last 28 years. He has been involved in post-earthquake rehabilitation efforts in Latur. His main contribution has been in the field of technical training for deprived boys. As the Director of Boys Town, a reputed technical training institute for 9 years, Bro Jose had been instrumental in creating a self sustaining production cum training centre.. He passed away on September 18, 2005.

Dr Sunitha Krishnan has committed her life as a fulltime volunteer in Prajwala. A mental health professional, she has done extensive research and is essentially a field practitioner. She has been instrumental in rescuing hundreds of children from severely abusive conditions and restoring childhood to them. For her efforts in anti-trafficking, she has been awarded the Stree Shakthi Puraskar (National Award), Perdita Huston Human Rights Award and the World Of Children Award.

About the organisation

The journey of Prajwala commenced in 1996 with full conviction and faith in people’s participation in the process of change. Although women were concerned about children, they were not ready for partnership. Prajwala initially had problems in convincing mothers to become partners and participate in bringing about a change in their lives. But eventually they got completely involved in supporting an intervention which would help their children integrate in the mainstream society.

Prajwala faced the challenge of responding to other related issues such as sex trafficking of children, rescue, rehabilitation, reintegration and community based prevention.

Current Programmes at Prajwala


Second generation prevention of children and women in prostitution through education.

Community-based prevention through sensitisation of people in slums, villages, educational institutions and industries.

Mobilising men against demand for prostitution.

Support in prosecution of traffickers.


From brothels/ red light area or any place of sexual exploitation.

Interception at entry/ exit points.


Shelter homes for holistic psycho-social rehabilitation.

Economic rehabilitation through viable susatainable livelihood options.

Civic rehabilitation through partnership with state government for restoration of identities.


Restoration of families.


Support for independent living.

Advocacy & Lobbying

Victim friendly policies at state and national level policy.

Trafficking legislations through Public Interest Litigation.

Sensitising communities through Media advocacy.

Farheen Begum, joined Farhat School in class VIII. She passed the VII standard in 2006-07. The Principal noticed the enterprising nature of the girl who would participate in all extra-curricular activities with great enthusiasm and often she would design programmes for school cultural activities. At the end of the year the girl proved to be a real achiever by becoming a topper at the school in the annual exams. She was felicitated at the Annual Day of the school with a certificate, cash prize and scholarship.

Eleven year old Ramu was a bright student of Class III. After the Vinayak Chaturthi festival, he stopped coming to the centre. The teachers made a visit to his home where his mother informed that he had started going to work as they needed additional income to run the household. Repeated visits and information that forced child labour is a punishable offense did not bring any results. Until one day, law enforcement officials caught him selling trinkets in the market and took him away. His parents were summoned for legal proceedings. The parents then realised their mistake and with the intervention of the TC in-charge, the child was released and is now regular to school.

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