Prudential conducts sensitization session on safety of women, rights of women

A sensitization session was conducted by employees from Prudential for the students of a Mission Education centre in Mumbai. The topics of discussion included women safety, women rights, substance abuse etc. The topics mostly revolved around the problems faced by girls and women in their community, especially those pertaining to sexual harassment, good and bad touch by strangers, relatives or any known person. The children and volunteers asked questions and some also shared their own or their friend’s experiences they have gone through in past and the brave actions taken by them and their families. It is extremely important to talk to children about abuse and their rights and why they need to talk to an elder or a teacher and seek help rather than being continuously victimized. A skit was performed by children followed by skit presented by Prudential employees on substance abuse and how to face such situations.

A poster making competition was conducted on topics of safety of women and substance abuse post which each group presented their creation. The children also shared their experience and learning from the activity. The event concluded with distribution of snacks by volunteers to children.

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