Hafiznagar slum children get education

This Mission Education project focuses on imparting education to the children of Hafiznagar Slum in Guwahati, Assam. Hafiznagar is a slum cluster, located along the railway tracks in Bamunimaidan area in the city. The slum cluster has several households that live in extreme poor conditions. The families are involved in menial jobs like rag picking for livelihood.

Under the project, all the children of the slum cluster are brought to the on-site centre where they are provided basic education. Morning classes are held every day at the centre for four hours, primarily focusing on elementary English, Assamese language, art and crafts and moral science education.

Full-time teachers as well as volunteers are employed at the centre to make learning an interactive and fun process. On a regular basis, health camps are organised at the centre to address the healthcare needs of the children. Provision of library, teaching learning material and exposure to state level talent platforms, ensures the holistic development of the children.

Smile Foundation has partnered with Universal Team for Social Action & Help (UTSAH) for this Mission Education project.

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