Smile for orphan children in Agartala

About the Partner

Tripura Rural Development Society (TRDS), situated at West Bhubanban, Agartala Tripura, is a registered society under the society registration act 1860. Since 1996 TRDS is working towards the sustainable development of the community. Tripura Rural Development Society (TRDS) is running Nilajyoti Sevashram a shelter home for the orphan children in the community. Since inception TRDS has conducted several sensitizing programmes in the community benefitting many underprivileged children and youths. The organistaion also, has sensitized the community time to time about many social problems of the society. Tripura Rural Development Society (TRDS),

About The Project

Smile Foundation inaugurated a new Mission Education project in Tripura. Tripura Rural Development Society is the implementing partner of the project in West Bhubanban, Agartala Tripura. This project is supporting education of the children beneficiaries living in Smile Foundation shelter for children. This shelter provides all adequate educational support and shelter to the underprivileged children. The children living In Smile Foundation centre are orphans and children of poor parents.

Through this project Smile Foundation with TRDS is working towards giving a sustainable life to these children by mainstreaming them into formal education.

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