Spreading Smile in Chhattisgarh with Tapaswani

Smile Foundation adds Chhattisgarh as the 13th Indian states, where it set off an initiative through Tapaswini Navsadhan, a social nonprofit organization.

Smile and Tapaswini Navsadhan have planned to open a School for providing Elementary Education and also Healthcare for the under-privileged children in Riyapara, Raigarh (Chattisgarh). The project titled ‘Education and Health Programme for the Underprivileged Children’ aims cover school drop-outs and non–school going children in the age group of 5-12 years from weaker sections so that they can be streamlined into proper schools.

The Project

As per the project, elementary education, healthcare and overall development will be ensured for the identified children. Half of the children will get NFE (Non Formal Education) and another half will undergo remedial or bridge course.

Care has been taken in the project to ensure retention of children in the school and prevent them from dropping out. For that, regular parent-teacher meeting will be conducted for better implementation of educational activities and also educating parents on different aspects like personal hygiene and health, nutrition, child care etc. In addition, sports and cultural activities like dance, drama etc. will be organized to foster and encourage talents among children, which would also help develop their personality.

Basically, a primary school up to standard V will be set up, by adding one class each year. In the first year 25 children shall be enrolled in KG class and another 25 shall be under Bridge Education.

About Tapaswani Navsadhan

Tapaswini Navsadhan is a social non-profit organization in Chhattisgarh. The organization has been working for numerous social initiatives in the region for sometime now.

Special Focus

The identified children will not only receive quality education along with basis skills and extracurricular activities, it will also be ensured that they do not drop out. Roles and involvement of their parents have also been in incorporated. The initiative will ensure bridging the gap between ‘have’ and ‘have-not’ children!

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