Smile for SOS Children

Smile Foundation has added a new partner its family in the form of SOS Children's Villages of India. SMILE has formally agreed to support the SOS family house 'Achlama' at Bawana Children's Village in Nort-West Delhi. Initially, the support will be for two years amounting to Rs. 1 million.

“Many helpless and vulnerable children who are deprived of care, protection and love of their family have found a new loving and caring parent in the SOS mother as well as brothers & sisters and a home to call their own in our villages across the country,” says Mr. Pradeep Singh, National Director, SOS Children’s Villages of India. “This is possible because some socially aware organization like yours has come forward with help for these children. Your sensitive and concern for the work of SOS Children’s Villages of India will enable needy children to live life with dignity and participate in the joy of childhood” – he conveys.

SOS-India was started in 1964. Today, there are 39 SOS Children's Villages including facilities for Tibetan children and new projects under establishment and 122 allied projects like Kindergartens, Schools, Social, Medical, Vocational Training Centres and Outreach Initiatives spread across the country reaching out to thousands of children. SOS-India is a member of SOS-Kinderdorf International, operational in 132 countries.

SOS Children’s Village Bawana is situated in the North-West part of Delhi. The village was established in 1974 to reach out to needy children in and around Delhi. The village is spread over 7.6 acres of land. There are 20 family homes, one kindergarten, a dispensary, a community house and a small library in the premises of the village. There are 229 children in all in the village, comprising of 151 girls and 78 boys. Two Youth projects are also undergoing through Bawana Village.

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