A Healing Touch & Integrated Community Development in Maharashtra

Smile Foundation and Sevadham Trust have taken up a joint initiative in Maharashtra for integrated community development focusing on children, mothers and adolescents, particularly those deprived and neglected in the society.

About the Partner

Sevadham Trust is an established NGO based in Pune which aims at Maternal and Child Health, Education, Empowerment, Vocational Training, Livelihood. The organization has been undertaking various Training Programmes for Rural Development, Youth Leadership, Watershed Development, Social Forestry, Self Help Group [SHG] for women etc since last twenty five years.

Presently the organization is working in 250 villages situated in remote hilly and inaccessible areas of the Sahyadri ranges, spread out in 4 Tehsils, Ander Maval Taluka, Pune District in Maharashra. It is also a Mother Agency for R. C. H & I. S. M. The trust has also served as Nodal Agency for whole of Maharashtra state. Sevadham Trust has worked with and supported by various National and International Development Agencies like USAID, NORAD, SIDA, G. T. Z, T. C. I., Corporate Houses as well as Government of India and Government of Maharashtra to name a few in the past.

The children neglected by the society are devoid of vocational training which helps in their income generating activity, as their parents are not capable to provide extra tuition classes to their children because of their poor economic condition, this project intend to give attention to their problems.

The Project

The ‘Children & Mother’s Education, Health Care Support, Empowerment Project’ aims to identify and cover all vulnerable/ at-risk children, thereby enabling them to lead a healthy and productive life. Target beneficiaries are those children who are affected due to parents suffering with diseases like HIV/ AIDS, Leprosy, Tuberculosis [TB] or themselves infected and cured. The project beneficiaries are:-

• Children between (06 -36) months
• Children [6 -14 years]
• Adolescent girls and boys [12-19 years]
• Mothers and children

The Major Components of the Project are:-

• Non Formal Education for Children

Four non-formal education (NFE) centers established, for school dropouts covering 100 children with 20-25 children in each centre. They are being given education for 2 to 4 years thereafter, according to their educational standards. Then they will appear for 4th or 7th std. examinations conducted by Maharashtra Education Board. Children passing the examination will be motivated for further education.

• Crèches for children between 06-36 months

The project includes 3 crèches in 3 slum colonies, where about 35-40 children are usually admitted in each crèche, therefore covering about 100-110 children. The parents of such children are engaged in work from 9- 5 PM, therefore there is no one to take care of them. The project seeks to provide the children with basic pre-school education and engage them in different creative activities, protecting them from negative influences

• Remedial Education

Remedial education will be provided to weak students studying in some formal schools so that they do not drop out and do well in study. Remedial education shall be provided at NFE centers and around 100 children from needy underprivileged communities will benefit from the same.

• Vocational Training Programme

All the components have been linked up with vocational skills training in one or more of the following suggested trades -

• Cutting and tailoring
• Beauty culture
• Plumbing, wireman, Mason
• Painting, Mangualari game
• Computer trainings
• Life Skill & Family Life Education

Life skills and FLE is proposed to be integrated with NFE and Functional Literacy for adolescent Boys, Girls and Adult Women.

• Provision to support development of hobbies by expert

It is to conduct activity classes during summer and Diwali vacations for school and non school going children. Different recreational classes on craft, painting, singing, story telling are to be organized.

• Static Clinic

It is proposed to start 2 static clinics in two central locations in the proposed slum areas for health care services focusing on children and mothers. It will provide basic maternal and child care services with proper functional linkages with local Govt. PHCs/ Dispensaries for free supplies of vaccines, Iron & Vit-A prophylaxis, contraceptives and referral.

Special Focus

• Crèche / day care centre facility to children whose parents go out for jobs
• Encouraging and facilitating children to develop their hobbies
• Health care services for children and their mothers
• Functional literacy / adult education to mothers

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