Education for kids in villages of Ambikapur

This Mission Education project aims to bring all the non-school going children from the remote villages of Kusu, Jamgawa, Goriapippal, Pratappur and Dhanaura, in Ambikapur, Chhattisgarh,under the umbrella of education and mainstream them into the formal education system.

More than 90% of the people in these villages are farm labourers, working on a daily wage to earn a bare minimum and sustain their families. In such conditions, education and healthcare of their children has always been ignored. The centre inducts these children and provides them primary education.

The project also counsels the parents about the importance and benefits of education and motivates them to send their children to school regularly. Along with this the project promotes healthy living among the families, particularly the children, through health awareness and medical camps.

Pre-school learning is provided to the younger children, to orient them towards an interactive learning process from the very beginning. Support classes are facilitated for children who are already in school, to help them identify their weak areas and improve their academic performance.

Smile Foundation has joined hands with Sarthak Janavikas Sansthan for this project.

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