Empowering Girls through Education and Skills for Livelihood

Smile Foundation has taken up an integrated development programme focusing on adolescent girls with Prerana, one of its old partners, along Delhi-Haryana border. The programme aims to empower these girls through education and livelihoods kills.

The Project

The Project “Educational and Health Care of out of School Adolescents in Badarpur area of Delhi” is a unique integrated community development programme aiming to identify and cover 300 adolescent for NFE, Pre-Bridge, Bridge Course and Secondary level course in six villages on Delhi–Haryana border near Badarpur.

The uniqueness of this project is to establish a low cost scalable model for providing individualized, socially responsive and quality educational alternative for out of school adolescents integrated with appropriate information and services in health.

Apart from the above mentioned activities the organization will impart Life Skill education to these adolescent girls.

The two components will be linked up with existing networks of vocational skills training in these villages in the following suggested trades-

Cutting and tailoring
Beauty culture
Candle making

The project aims to develop following syllabus/ curriculum.

NFE (non-formal education) for non school going adolescents
Pre-bridge course for Class V level in which neo-literates and school drop-outs will be involved
Bridge course through NOS for school dropouts below class VIII
Secondary and senior secondary course through NOS for school drop outs below class X & class XII.

About Prerana

Prerana is a registered voluntary organization which was established in the year in 1974 by a group of committed social workers. The organization is primarily working in the fields of Integrated Health, Women empowerment, fellowship, AIDS Awareness Programme and Better Life Options.

Prerana proposes to reach out to clusters of six villages namely Aali, Jaitpur, Tajpur, Meethapur, Molarband and Lalkuan near Delhi-Haryana boarder, having a collective population of over 1.5 lakhs. Inhabited by migrants from Rajasthan, Eastern U.P. and Bihar who are mainly daily wage earners (construction workers), factory workers and a few work for export houses. Besides, a few of them are self-employed (shopkeepers or tailors) or work as domestic help.

Special Focus

This project aims to cover major component like education, health, life skill education and vocational training under one umbrella. Through this intervention Smile will successfully enroll.

50% of the adolescents to some formal schools in appropriate class. 80% of adolescent will successfully completed Bridge course through NOS for school dropouts below class VIII. 80% of adolescent will be enrolled & successfully complete Secondary & Senior Secondary course through NOS for school drop outs below class X & class XII. Severely malnutrition and anemic girls will be given proper care. Local girls will be enabled and encouraged to start their coaching centers at home with assistance.

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