A Novel Prayatn ‘Effort’ in Community Welfare

Smile foundation and Prayatn have scaled up their joint initiative to provide education and health care to poor children from the underprivileged sections of the society in Madanpur Kadar, a resettlement colony located behind Sarita Vihar, Delhi. The initiative includes Learning/ Education centers catering to 200 poor children and Medical Dispensary catering to about 10,000 populations. Special emphasis is given to the education for the girl child.

About the Partner

Prayatn is a registered charitable trust working for the welfare and development of poor and disadvantaged sections of the society. It is one of the current partners of smile foundation implementing child centric education and health project.

The organization is working for promoting welfare activities such as health care, education, skill development, and research & training. The organization has four education centres for 200 children providing basic quality education and one medical centre for infants and children, mothers which include antenatal, natal and post- natal health care, family planning services, RTI/STDs etc.

The Project

The project includes two programmes. One is ‘Hope Project’ and the second one is ‘Integrated Child Health Services’. In Hope Project 200 children are benefited from 4 learning/education centers. The project of Integrated Child Health Services covers around 10,000 beneficiaries.

Girl Child gets special emphasis in this initiative. A large number of girls are involved in the educational and cultural activities. The ratio of girls and boys is 3:1.

The children are taught basic moral science classes and the basic teaching materials provided by Smile Foundation. The poor children are also involved in extra curricular activities.

The Dispensary with all the basic facilities functions from the project premises. Medical cards have been provided to all children and their health care is being monitored on the regular basis. Counseling is also a major activity at the centre.

Special components have been planned to be included in the project in near future. These are as follow:

Integrated Child Health Services – The Health Programme
Prayatn Kids Studying 100% children (0-3) are to be covered under complete dosage of basic immunization.
75% pregnant women are to be provided with at least 3 ante-natal check-ups and services.
Severely mal-nourished children and mothers to be given proper care (medical and nutritional) and brought back to growth chart All difficult pregnancy cases should be referred / facilitate referral to suitable Hospitals for institutional deliveries.
All RTI/STD cases should be treated either by the Organization’s Doctor or got treated at appropriate places by the organization and a follow-up of such cases done and reported.
Condom use should be vigorously propagated (at least by all suspected/ diagnosed RTI/STD afflicted persons) as means of safe sexual practices; other spacing methods like Oral Pills, IUD insertion etc. should be encouraged ( practiced by at least 50% of women in reproductive age having 1 or 2 children.
Individual Case studies should be prepared and reported about Counseling done/ person brought back to normal after trauma. Hope Project – The Education Project

50% of the poor children to be given NFE (non-school going and also school drop outs) and they are to be mainstreamed to some formal school in appropriate class during the year and their retention in school is ensured through follow-ups.

Special Focus

In addition to regular teaching system, all students avail of study materials and recreational activities are also introduced fro them.

Medical card system is introduced for all the children and health of these children is monitored on regular basis.

Special emphasis and attention are given to Girl Child in the project.

The endeavour of Smile foundation and Prayatn to promote welfare and development of the underprivileged sections of society will bring back the smiles on many faces.

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