Universal education with emphasis on healthcare

With the sole purpose of providing quality education and healthcare services to the underprivileged children at NOIDA, in Uttar Pradesh,this Mission Education project benefits disadvantaged children from Morna and Hoshiarpur areas of NOIDA.

The centre focuses on educating children in the age group of 3 to 7 years and consequently mainstreaming them into local primary and high schools.During the admission process, special preference is given to orphans, single-parent children and the girl child. Mid-day meals are served on a daily basis, and children having poor eye-sight are given spectacles. Also, regular immunization and health check-up camps are organised at regular intervals, which encourage parents to send their children to attend classes regularly at the centre.

Good infrastructure, with all the necessary facilities like computer lab and library on site, is the centre’s most affirmative feature. The mode of instruction at the centre is English, though Hindi is also used for both formal and informal talks. Backed by full-time academic as well as non-academic staff, the centre strives to make the students confident and versatile through cultural activities and basic etiquette lessons that are regularly organized and imparted.

Smile Foundation is implementing this project with Om Foundation

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