It’s more than education for these slum children

Smile Foundation has extended support to Neetiman Charitable Trust to provide literacy and non-formal education to underprivileged children in the slums of Sultanpuri in North-West Delhi. The partnership will support an Integrated Programme where the children will not only learn using interactive techniques but also be encouraged in extra-curricular activities and vocational trainings. Children from 4 to 14 years of age from socially and economically weak sections will be benefited from the project. These children are left by parents at home to care take either house cores or younger siblings when parents leave for daily wage work.

The project

The proposed intervention intends to start two non formal education centres with four batches (morning and evening shifts) and impart literacy and non formal education to 20 children in each batch over a period of 12 months. These educational interventions will reduce the number of illiterate children and school dropout children in the area. 80 children will be direct beneficiaries of the project while the project aims at targeting the whole community and mobilising many for education. The project will be spreading awareness in the said community where children are left behind by their working parents.

The project aims at imparting quality education along with other out door activities, innovative teaching and learning materials, sports, craft and culture, personality development programmes, health check ups, special sessions on health and hygiene and social awareness programmes for the parents and other interesting activities for the children. The project will encourage children to form Balvikas Samiti (Child right groups formed by children for their own welfare) and work for their own welfare.

With support from Smile Foundation, Neetiman Charitable Trust will ensure:

• Mainstreaming of all direct beneficiaries into formal education.
• Built individual capacities of children to become productive youth of the nation. Use of innovative TLMs (Teaching Learning Materials) will play an important role in achieving this.
• Spreading health and hygiene awareness among community people at large.
• Participation of community people in initiating the process of change and increasing the level of education in the slums

Target Group

Underprivileged children from slums of Sultanpuri in North West Delhi between the age of 4-14 years.

About the partner

Neetiman Charitable Trust was initiated by Rev. Dr. Joseph Kavalakatt in 1999. Since then the organization has been giving relentless services for the welfare and upliftment of the urban poor. One of the successful; initiative of the organization has ensured construction of 80 toilets and 20 tube wells in different locations. The support from German Embassy in the said sanitation drive has improved the health and hygiene of several families of the community. The initiative has helped in the welfare of women and children and in improving the overall sanitation of the community.

Key activities of Neetiman Charitable Trust in different slums of Delhi are:

• Vocational training of the youth
• Sanitation programmes
• Women empowerment
• Education of the street children
• Health care of the diseased and aged
• Balwadis for the school dropouts
• Self Help Groups (SHGs) for the marginalised women
• Community polytechnics for adolescent underprivileged youth
• Social awareness programmes for masses

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