Integrated Community Development Interventions

Smile Foundation has added yet another partner to its family as Navjyoti Delhi Police Foundation, spearheaded by Dr. Kiran Bedi, the celebrity cop and at present, Director General, Home Guards & Civil Defence, Govt. of NCT of Delhi. The joint project, titled ‘Integrated Community Development Interventions’, includes Remedial Education for around 320 deprived children and Healthcare Programme covering 22000 needy population annually.

The Project

The project ‘Integrated Community Development Interventions’ is a novel integrated community development programme with emphasis on Remedial Education at Holambi Kalan, a resettlement colony situated at North West of Delhi. The colony is in two phases with approximately 7200 houses in each with 43000 individuals in one phase.

The current project already include three gali schools, four remedial centers, two community libraries, an Out Patient Department as well as an ongoing school health check-up programme.

The target beneficiaries of the remedial education programme are 320 children from class VI – XII standards who are children of migrant parents involved in daily wage earning, by and large; and mothers working as domestic help or involved in some small –scale activities like bangle making at home, paper envelops making and stitching etc.

Under the programme, 16 centres will run from nine premises in Phase – II of Holambi Kalan of Delhi. Liaison will made with government hospital, in addition to the health programme, for ensuring maximum health care for the children and the community in general.

About Navjyoti Delhi Police Foundation

Navjyoti Delhi Police Foundation (NDPF) is a registered organization which was established in the year 1987 in Delhi, under the leadership of Dr. Kiran Bedi. The organization primarily works in the field of community development, through education, empowerment and rehabilitation.

These people have been relocated from areas like various areas of Delhi like South Extension, Rohini, Shalimar Bagh and Yamuna Pushta around 3 years ago. Majority of people are migrants from Bihar, West Bengal and Uttar Pradesh working as daily workers with a salary of Rs. 70/80 per month.

There is a Government School in that area catering to around 1200 children. The nearest hospital is also around 5 Kms away. The area needs intervention as no resources are available near to that area.

Special Focus

The project includes Remedial Education for deprived children as well as Health Care for the community. Performance and regularity of the children in the schools will be improved by offering them tutorial assistance, counseling & guidance, also through community involvement. The existing facilities and quality in the government schools will also be improved.

Smile Foundation and Navjyoti Delhi Police Foundation look forward to bring more smiles to similar communities in future.

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