Educating Slum Children of Hyderabad – with focus on Girl Children

Smile Foundation has joined hands with Mahita – a Hyderabad based local partner – for providing education and health care support to non-school going slums children and child labours, with special focus on girl child. The project, covering 10 slum clusters of Hyderabad through Community Learning Centres, will ensure mainstreaming all children to formal schools.

About the Project

The project named ‘Educating Girl Children in Urban Slums of Hyderabad’ is covering cover 150 children directly, with emphasis on girl child between the age group of 6-14 years who are either dropped out of school, working children or never enrolled in schools. Besides education, all children will avail of health check-up and medical services every 3 months.

Three educational centres have been established under this innovative initiative. The project is being implemented in 10 urban slums in Hyderabad, the capital city of Andhra Pradesh.


The 10 slums of Hyderabad to be covered under the project are as follows -

1. Anna Nagar
2. Pochamma Basti
3. Ambedkarnagar 4. Chandrababu Naidu Nagar
5. Sri Lanka Basti
6. Balamrai
7. Shiva Nagar
8. Indiramma Nagar
9. Gun Bazaar
10. Arjun Nagar

Each centre will enroll 50 children and a minimum level of learning for 1 year will be provided. Thereafter these children will be mainstreamed in to formal schools.

The intervention will not only maintain the community educational centres at slum levels, but also motivate the community towards education of the children, through the enrollment campaigns by counseling of parents, interaction with employers and school management. Another 120 children will be mainstreamed in the process.

Socio–Economic Profile of the Children

The residents of these slums constitute migrants from the backward districts of Andhra Pradesh and adjacent state like Karnataka. The family conditions forces the children to work as child labours. It is estimated that 40% of the girl child in the areas are working as child domestic labourers in the surrounding areas.

The status of the children living in the (project) slum areas are vulnerable, especially the girl children, right from the age of 6 years. Girls are forced to work in incense stick making, beedi (Indian cigarette) rolling, safety pins making also as domestic maid servants. The boys work in repair sheds, workshops and tea stalls on a low remuneration of around Rs. 300 to 600 per month or just Rs. 5-10 per day.

Objective of the Project

The overall objective of the project is to establish and create educational opportunities for the girl children in 10 urban slums of Hyderabad

Create educational opportunities for girl child in the slums and discouraging child labour To increase enrollment and retention rates in primary education in the project slums To bring social movements towards fighting for the rights of the children in the project areas (through campaigns/ workshops / awareness generation programmes)

About the Partner

Mahita is a registered non-governmental organization, formed by a team of committed individuals in 1995 to initiate development activity in the urban slum areas of Hyderabad city in the Indian state of Andhra Pradesh.

The organization has been working on issues like providing education for child labour and non–school going children; developing livelihood skills for youth and empowering women in enhancing their social status and decision making power; issue of corporal punishment in schools; prevention of early child marriages, abuse and exploitation of children. Beside these the organization is also actively involved in child rights and human rights with special emphasis on girl child.

Before Smile Foundation joined hands with Mahita, the organization has received support from various government and international organization like Manos Unidas, Spain; CRY Bangalore, IPP-VIII, Municipal Corporation of Hyderabad, Government of Andhra Pradesh; DPEP scheme, Govt. of A. P., Save the Children UK, Rajiv Gandhi Foundation, United Way Mumbai to name a few.


100% enrollment of the children in to formal schools will be ensured
All the malnourished children, especially girls will be brought to normal growth chart
All the target beneficiaries will be covered under quarterly medical health camps
During Community Consultations (meetings with religious / community / political / teachers) the participation of all the stakeholders will be ensured
Records of individual children to be maintained regularly

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