Bringing social change through education

About the Partner

Impulse is an internationally acclaimed Non-Governmental Organization (NGO) based in the Northeast Indian State of Meghalaya. For almost sixteen years, the organization has been generating substantial social change in three main areas: child rights and combating child trafficking, HIV/AIDS intervention, and livelihood support initiatives for rural Northeast India.

With a vision to create a just and equitable social order and a commitment towards a life of dignity and respect, it works in favor of human rights for all.

About The Project

Smile Foundation has started a new Mission Education project in association with Impulse NGO .This Mission Education centre contains facilities for numerous types of child education programmes. The beneficiaries this project caters to are: child trafficking survivors and slum children. The work are being done are rescuing, rehabilitating, and repatriating human trafficking survivors. The implementing partner of the project Impulse NGO runs Sunshine Drop-In Centre for street children and underprivileged youth and children.

By educating underprivileged youth, Smile Foundation hopes to provide the greater community with citizens- who will be confident and self-sustaining, contribute positively to society, become stewards of the community, and raise healthy families to continue this trend in future.

Smile Foundation will achieve this through their educational programmes that are designed to meet the needs of the community it serves.

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