Educational support for the non formal education centre for urban

About the Partner

Felicific Salve Hearts is a registered charitable trust, Registered on 17th August 2009 under Karnataka Charities Act.(Reg No.105/2009-2010).Mr.Oblush C is the founder of the NGO and providing evening moral education classes to primary and middle school children. The organization hires teacher’s one teacher from outside by paying them some minimum remuneration.

About The Project

The project started by Smile Foundation strives hard to give quality Education, Food, Clothing, Shelter and Medical care to the underprivileged children like orphans, semi orphans, and physically challenged. The area comprises of the maximum population of daily wage labourers. This project aims to provide adequate health and education to the poor and needy children near the centre area. Currently the centre conducts moral education classes and tutorials according to primary and middle school syllabus for the children in the centre. Nutritional meals are also provided to the children. Various sensitizing activities are also being conducted in the community for the parents to sensitize them about the importance education.

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