Bringing smiles to little ones

About the partner

CHORD is a non-profit organization established to bring about social change; to uplift vulnerable sections of the society in the spheres of education, health and development, especially underprivileged children and their families. CHORD endeavors to be the link, the tie between children and the adult world. Children need a supporting, guiding force to be freed from labour, to be educated and shaped into productive, happy and resourceful human beings…that is the responsibility that CHORD has taken upon itself.

About the Projects

The mission of this project is to make the target area child labour free by 2015 by rescuing, educating and empowering 9000 working children in the next 5 years. It ensures that 1000 children from ultra poor community complete elementary school education. It also aims at producing 750 self-reliant livelihood earners in 5 years and initiate short term vocational training centres.

Other ongoing initiatives

• Rescue and rehabilitation of child labourers
• Vocational Education
• Child Rights Advocacy
• Women Empowerment

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