Empowering the poorest of the poor with Education

This Mission Education project works for education, healthcare and livelihood of the underprivileged children in Secunderabad, Andhra Pradesh. The children inducted and brought at the centre belong to the poorest of the poor and the most disadvantaged communities in the slum cluster of Jawaharnagar.

Nearly all the children coming to the centre are first generation learners. Their parents, who have never been to school, are mainly daily wage earners in nearby yards. The project caters to children in the age group of 4 to 18 years who are leading a susceptible life. Many among these children are orphans, abandoned, and adolescent girls.

The children coming to the children are given education and are made eligible to be mainstreamed in local private and government schools in age appropriate classes. At the centre, besides education, provisions of nutrition, sanitation and hygiene, safe-drinking water and recreational facilities are also taken care of.

Smile Foundation has partnered with Arunoday Trust for this project.

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