Working for the Migrated community with Ajit Foundation

This Mission Education project is working for the educational development of children of migrated communities along with socio-economic development of the rural areas of Solapur District and its nearby areas.

This project mainly works for the migrated communities whose main occupation is to make sculptures and statues of God and Goddesses. After making it the adults in the family wander in the surrounding villages to sell them, leaving behind the older children to look after the household chores and younger siblings.

Through a series of innovative and effective activities and programmes, children from Latur Road, Barshi, Pardhi Vasti, Lakshyachi Wadi Pardhi Vasti, Gadegaon, Bhoom and Hatlaidevi Tandha Osmanabad villages of Barshi block of Solapur and Bhoom of Osmanabad district of Maharashtra are brought to the centre. The project ensures 100% mainstreaming of all vulnerable children from the target areas.

Smile Foundation has partnered with Ajit Foundation for this Mission Education project.

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