Quality Education – A Ladder to a Bright Future

Under this project, children from the backward areas of Subarnapur district are provided quality education. The centre is in Bir Maharajpur, which is listed as one of the most underdeveloped areas in the state of Odisha.

Children inducted under the project are school-going, belonging to the socio-economically marginalized communities. Most of their parents have never been to school and hence are unable to help their children with studies or even provide a learning conducive environment at home, owing to extreme poverty. Consequently, the children have to suffer, particularly in higher classes.

The project identifies such children and provides them adequate reading material and special support in three main subjects, namely Mathematics, Science and English, as lack of proficiency in these subjects is the most common, often hampering the kids from completing their schooling.

Progress of the children is monitored on a fortnightly basis and class schedule of each child is prepared based on his/ her individual performance. It is ensured that each one of them qualifies in their final examination to attain the basic level of education for gainful employment.

Smile Foundation has partnered with Orysed for implementation of this Mission Education project.

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