What is it like to see destruction in its face? Ask a family whose house was ripped apart and destroyed in the high speed winds of 175-200 kmph. Ask a fisherman whose boat is shattered and net lost in the sea. Ask a fruit seller who lost his livelihood because all coconut trees among the 14 lakh others, were uprooted in the storm. Ask that to 1 million evacuees who don’t have a shelter to go back to, because their mud houses washed away in the rains. The survivors of the Fani Cyclone in Odisha have many such heartrending stories to tell.

Although casualties are pegged at a little over 60, but the cyclone, swept away 70 percent of all mud-houses, up-rooted more than 60,000 trees, thousands of boats and completely destroyed all agricultural land. The cyclone that caused a landslide on the morning of May 3 damaged Rs. 525 crore worth of assets, according to government estimates.

Smile Foundation’s Disaster Response Team has been on the ground since the beginning to extend relief support to the cyclone affected families, especially to the lesser privileged and most cut-off people who have not yet received help. The Team is aiming to provide immediate relief supplies to at least 10,000 families, including food supplies, drinking water, shelter (tarpaulins), sanitation and hygiene supplies, as well as solar lamps. In the next phase of our intervention, we will be focusing on reconstruction of schools, providing healthcare services to marginalised communities, and on rehabilitation by creating livelihood support and opportunities.

The state of Odisha is in urgent need of rebuilding of infrastructure, assets, livelihood and lives. We appeal to you to stand in solidarity with the people of Odisha in this time of dire need, and join Smile Foundation’s efforts in reaching out to the worst affected families in the state.



Stories of the Survivors