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Cover Story : I AM KALAM
A film with a diffrence!

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Dear Friends,

It doesn’t take anything when we actually want to change someone’s life. But, it means a life to someone less privileged than we are.
As a development organisation, only doing good work may not be enough. We should also keep on sensitizing the privileged citizens like you do that vital bit for the needy.
For a country of India’s size and the sheer scope of work we need to do, involving privileged masses holds the key in empowering the less privileged ones faster. Believe it or not, well meaning communication can play the bridge between the needy and the privileged people.

Our society is enriched with people with willingness and capabilities to change lives. However our daily lives get us engrossed completely. All it takes is to learn an inspiring tale somewhere, change-making in progress somewhere, or a simple story of giving.

All it takes is that spark which makes us take a pause and do that little from our side; which means a life to someone.

So friends, let’s tell a story, get inspired and inspire others we know.

Happy reading.

Warm Regards

Harish Nandan Sahay
Director Operations