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He has the will,
let's show him the way


Forget English, even Hindi alphabets were Greek to him till a few years back. Today, only six years later, Bhola is all set to appear the CBSE Class XII exam as a regular student from a government school in the capital.

Bhola migrated from Bihar to Delhi at a very young age to work as a domestic help. Being the only earning member of his family, his desire to go to school was a distant possibility till he discovered the Ina Raja Mission Education centre of Smile Foundation in West Delhi, in 2003. When Bhola joined the centre at the age of 15, he was illiterate; but the teachers there discovered a lot of potential in him. They supported him in every way they could and within four years he completed Class X from the National Open School. Bhola is now in Class XII. He then wanted to join a regular school but getting admission in a regular school was not easy. His desire to join a formal school along with earning a livelihood was achieved after putting a lot of efforts.

Bhola is still working as a domestic help and hardly has anytime for studies, but he is determined to excel. He now aspires to study at Jawaharlal Nehru University. His day starts at 6 in the morning. He completes the household chores by noon and then leaves for school. Immediately after coming back home in the evening, he gets busy preparing dinner. But determinedly he finds enough time to study in the night after all his work is done.

Bhola has the potential and determination to grow very big in life. And he is one of our shining stars!





"I miss my family,
but I know
I am better off here"

Romeo Mendonca, aka Aman, is the badminton and football champ of Dreamz Home, Smile Foundation’s rehabilitation cum recreational centre for the children in Mumbai, which is run in association with Social Development Centre.

Romeo had been brought to Dreamz Home in 2003 when he was found begging at a traffic signal. Romeo’s father is an alcoholic and also a drug addict. He is unemployed and Romeo’s mother Christina, used to earn whatever little she could, for the family. But that was until she was alive. After she passed away, Romeo was forced to quit school. He was forced to take up odd jobs so he could at least get one square meal in a day. He even started begging to earn as much as he could. To add to the miseries, Romeo’s father even let go off their home, for money for his drugs and alcohol, leaving the young boy homeless. Thus, along with begging on the streets, Romeo started living on the streets too.

He was then brought to Dreamz Home, a temporary accommodation to exploited, run-away and destitute children who land up in Mumbai city in search of their daily bread. From the time, he was brought to the home, his father has severed all ties with him. Romeo sometimes misses him, but knows that he is better off here. He is currently studying in class X in St. Dominic Savio High School, Andheri, Mumbai. He loves playing volleyball, badminton and football and aspires to become a pilot when he grows up.



Colourful cultural performance

The NOIDA project of Mission Education – Om Foundation, celebrated their Annual Day, with a colourful and excellent cultural programme. The children presented a series of fantastic performances. All the kids had versatile talent and they staged it for all the people.


Ruja Colldge runs marathon
for Smile in Mumbai

Smile kids from the Dreamz Home project in Mumbai, ran a marathon with 500 young participants from Ruia College, Matunga in Mumbai, on 07 December 2010.

Marathons are the most fabled athletic events of all

The programme started with the ceremony of lighting lamps. The COO of British Gas, Mr. Ian Peters, was invited as the Chief Guest for the ceremony. Accompanied with other esteemed guests, the lamp was lit and the cultural extravaganza begun. All the 212 children, enrolled in this project, participated in this programme. There were dance, music and drama performances by kids from even nursery and KG classes, which left the spectators mesmerized.

This colourful evening was

times. And they have been instrumental widely, for the promotion and awareness of various social issues. Five hundred young boys and girls ran a marathon spreading awareness for the cause of “all the children should go to school”. They simultaneously raised some funds as well.

These young people ran the marathon along with children from Smile Foundation. Veteran film and

closed with a breathtaking performance on various musical instruments. The children are trained in all these co-curricular activities at the project centre itself. Prizes were given to the students for their annual academic performances.


television actress Himani Shivpuri was invited as the chief guest for the event. She not only came for the event as the guest, but also motivated all the participants and cheered for them along with the others present there.


Mission Education programme currently has 12,550 beneficiaries. Six new projects have been added to the programme’s network across the country, namely in, Chhattisgarh, Bhubaneswar, Midnapore (W.B) and Bengaluru. Mission Education programme now has 60 projects across 19 states in India.