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Partnership with
Indian Oil Corporation Ltd.

Indian Oil Corporation Ltd. has extended its support towards strengthening 5 existing Smile Twin e- Learning Programme (STeP) centers in Delhi & NCR.

IOCL is known nationwide for its core values of Care, Innovation, Passion and Trust. They are one of the few corporations that are aware of the need to work beyond financial considerations. As a constructive partner in the communities in which it operates, IndianOil has been taking concrete action to realize its social responsibility objectives, thereby building value for its shareholders and customers. In the past five decades, IndianOil has supported innumerable social and community initiatives in India.

This collaboration with IndianOil will help Smile Foundation in incorporating soft skill training component in the five respective centres which will enhance the students’ capabilities in seeking good jobs.

Association with Moser Baer

Smile Foundation has recently collaborated with Moser Baer – a corporate operating in the Power (Energy) industry. This association has been devised for implementing a Smile on Wheels project in Champa, Chhattisgarh. Through this partnership the primary health care needs of underprivileged population residing in the villages of Champa district around Moser Baer plant, will be addressed. Under its CSR policy, the Moser Baer affirms its commitment of seamless integration of marketplace, workplace, and environment and community concerns with business operations. The company uses CSR as an integral business process in order to support sustainable development and constantly endeavors to be a good corporate citizen and enhance its performance on the triple bottom line.


National Consultation on
'Adolescents Constituency for the
12th Five Year Plan'

Smile Foundation along with two well known development organizations Swasthya and Chetna, successfully organized a National Consultation of Civil Society Organizations on ‘Adolescents’ Constituency for the 12th Five Year Plan’. As many as 50 organizations from 15 states of India participated in the consultation and the entire proceedings took place in the presence of the Planning Commission’s representatives.

Mr. Pabitra Banerjee, General Manager Programmes, of Smile Foundation chaired the entire session of the consultation, while representatives from Planning Commission, Population Foundation of India, ICRW, CEDPA, Solution Exchange, Mc Arthur Foundation and Ford Foundation were few of the other panelists.

The Planning Commission has initiated the process towards the preparation of 12th Five Year Plan and through such consultations, the Commission has opened up the process for consultancy and inputs from the civil society. This is also the first step of the Commission to include the civil society in developing an approach paper for the planning of the 12th Five Year Plan.

This is a huge opportunity for Smile Foundation to work closely with the Government of India ensuring the inclusion of the voices of the socially excluded groups.



Target International
continues to be with Smile

Target International – the leading retailer of United States of America, has extended further support to Smile’s Mission Education centres in Bengaluru. The organization had already partnered with Smile Foundation to help create strong communities, improve local economies and develop a better quality of life through the ‘Girl Child-Specific Intervention’ project in the urban slums of Delhi. The proposed Mission Education centers in the urban slums/villages of Bengaluru will serve the underprivileged children in partnership with three local interventions- Association for Promoting Social Action (APSA), Nava Karnataka and BMV Trust respectively. Apart from catering to underprivileged children from urban slum communities, children from the villages of Bengaluru like Kakachokkandahally, Thotalanganahally, Mugiladapi, Thadur, Basavapatna, Maanamachanahally. Nagamangala and Thotalinganahally will also be benefitted from the project. These areas have a dearth of remedial and non-formal education facilities for the underprovided children. Thus, the project will have a significant impact in the area of children's education for the city of Bengaluru.

Together 4Change Alliance-
Kick Off Workshop in Kenya

Smile Foundation participated in a ‘kick-off workshop’ in Nairobi, Kenya, from 24th January 2011 to 28th January 2011. This workshop was organized with participation of all organizations involved in the Together4Change network. The workshop served to reach a joint understanding and internalization of the relevance, strategy, aims and operational plans of the T4C alliance and as a preparation



for the joint implementation of the T4C programmes. The workshop aimed at facilitating the emergence of the T4C community with a strong emphasis on joint learning.
Smile Foundation is a part of Together4Change alliance, which is effective across 100 countries and is aiming to work for the well being of children and youth in alignment with the millennium development goals effecting civic driven change. This Alliance has been instituted by a consortium led by International Child Support and 3 Dutch organisations namely Wilde Ganzen, Wereldkideren and SOS Kinderporpen with support of the Dutch government.


Samsung further extends its support

Samsung had extended further its support to establish more STeP centers in Ahmedabad and Kolkata. Samsung is already in collaboration with Smile Foundation wherein it is supporting two Smile Twin e-Learning Programme centers in Sriperumbadur and Noida. This alliance has helped in training more than 100 students and so far almost 70 students have been placed in appropriate jobs. Samsung strives to promote sustainability, under the business philosophy of devoting human resources and technology to creating superior products and services, thereby contributing to a better global society. It believes that a company's success is not only measured by its business achievements, but also by how well it serves its community, protects the planet's resources, and makes differences in people's lives. Samsung embraces its responsibility to contribute as a good citizen, taking action around the world to foster a better society, protect and improve the environment and strengthen communities.