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Alcoa spreading smiles

The employees of Alcoa and the children from Smile Foundation celebrated the spirit of sportsmanship with an employee engagement activity. The employees spent a day with Smile Foundation children playing and enjoying. And also pledged to support the education of the children of Smile Foundation.

Employees of Alcoa were teamed up with Smile children and they played games and did balloon race, 3-legged race and many other. The sportsmanship and the spirit of togetherness made the employees of Alcoa to take the best foot forward to make their teams win.




Alcoa employees and Smile children together participating in 3 legged race

Smile on Wheels in Patan

Smile on Wheels for Patan

Smile Foundation with support from Cairn India rolls out its Smile on Wheels for Patan district, Gujarat. This mobile hospital is designed to take healthcare services to the doorsteps of 22 identified villages in the district. 70,000 rural poor will benefit directly from this project.

This project is focused on providing primary healthcare services to the people in the identified areas. Cairn India has supported this project with the objective of addressing the critical healthcare needs of the people living in the areas surrounding the project.

Cairn India is also supporting four more Smile on Wheels, which are operational in the rural areas of Jamnagar district in Gujarat and Barmer district in Rajasthan.

Dreams to fly high

Born orphan and saved by a eunuch! This is not a plot from a Bollywood's blockbuster film but the real story of Adil.

Salma, a eunuch, picked the baby and took him to her small house in Khapri, Mumbai. Salma named the little boy Adil and started raising him as a son. Adil became the world for Salma. Days were passing and Adil was growing. Salma wanted to bring all the happiness in his life. She wanted to send Adil to school.




But her poor financial condition was a problem and kept worring her. It was during a counseling session conducted by Smile Foundation in the locality that Salma came to know about a Mission Education centre of Smile Foundation. She visited the centre and discussed her problems and concerns. Smile advised Salma to get Adil enrolled in Navjyoti School - Misson Education Centre, free of any cost, located within the campus of Navjeevan village.
Adil is 12 now. He has passed the seventh standard with flying colours. He is a multi-talented and jovial kid and is popular among his peers. He takes part in all curricular and academic activities. He aspires to become a fighter pilot in the India Air Force.

Aligarh Muslim University empowering Smile children

Every child has a right to education and good health, and to help them achieving this right Smile Foundation in collaboration with Helping Hands Society run by a group of students of Aligarh Muslim University launched a 10-day campaign 'IBADAT' in Aligarh, Uttar Pradesh to sensitize the civil society to take part in ensuring, education, healthcare and other support to the underprivileged children, which will change their future forever.

Encouraged by their professors and the esteemed university, several students under different faculties in the university made different teams to raise resources and provided competitive ambience to each other in order to raise maximum amount. The students used various methods of sensitization such as social networking sites and door to door sensitization to sensitize the fellow students to give their best and spread awareness about the need of education.

The fund-raising drive culminated with a felicitation ceremony for the students who gave their best to raise funds for Smile Foundation.



Felicitating the girl students for their contribution

66th Independence Day celebration

Students of Baligotha Mission Education Centre chanting Vande Mataram


Smile Foundation's Mission Education projects in Jajpur, supported by Jindal Stainless Limited, celebrated the 66th Independence Day with great enthusiasm. After the flag hoisting ceremony various cultural programme were performed by the students.

Distinguished dignitaries from Jindal Stainless Limited, members of Mothers Associations and members of Village Education Committees also attended the programmes.

All of them addressed the students and threw light on the importance of the day and their duties towards the country. It was a rich experience for the students who cherished the value of freedom and patriotism.

Sky is the limit for Yasmeen…

It was all darkness for Yasmeen when she thought of standing on her feets few years back. Today she supports her father in running a family of four.

Yasmeen wanted to become a Fashion Designer but had to quit schooling after 10th due to the poor financial conditions of her family. They live in Shashtri Nagar in Goregaon West, Mumbai. Her father works in a nearby factory and does not earn enough to support the whole family. Yasmeen's mother is a housewife and her younger brother is studying in school and is very young to earn anything.

Yasmeen once expressed her intention to work to her father.





Her father, being extremely conservative, did not like the idea of Yasmeen working in office with male colleagues and decided to get her married off. Yasmeen knew she could earn more than her father and can support her brother continuing his studies.

It was then when she came to know about STeP programme running in her area. She immediately decided to join the programme and convinced her father also. She joined the course and learnt Basic Computers, Spoken English, and Interaction with clients. Till the time she completed the course she got placed in lifestyle- a leading apparel showroom as a Sales Executive.

Sky is the limit for her. She is earning a decent salary. Yasmeen's father can't stop beaming with pride now. He has no plans to get Yasmeen to marry her off in recent future. If somebody comes with any options he clearly says, “This is Yasmeen's wish. After all this is her life”

Barclays Shared Services sharing happiness

Barclays Shared Services celebrated Independence Day with a difference.

Employees of Barclays Shared Services came down to Nai Disha Mission Education centre in Noida to celebrate the day with Smile Foundation children. It all started with a teaching session wherein the volunteers of Barclays Shared Services taught Smile children with the help of games.

The next day, Barclays employees took the children for a trip to the Nehru Planetarium, New Delhi. The children were shown a 45 minutes programme that educated them about the universe. The children also got a tour of the museum where they visited life stages of Pt. Jawaharlal Nehru.



Smile kids at the Nehru Planetarium, New Delhi

Bringing smiles to the much needed

Kalu Ram lives in Tallai Kacchi Basti, Jhalana Durgi in Jaipur, with his family of five. He and his wife barely managed two square meals a day by breaking stones.





The community he lives in has a population of around 22,000.

Not worring about anything else, Kalu Ram and his wife just work very hard for the family, putting in extra time and effort every day. They were managing well, when Kalu Ram suddenly fell so much ill that he had to stop going to work completely, thus throwing the whole family off balance. He started having sporadic spells of severe fever and suffered breathing problem. Kalu Ram never thought of visiting a doctor for the reason that it will ate up his wife's income also in the treatment.

Kalu Rama's elder son then came to know about Smile on Wheels from his friend. He took his father to the mobile hospital. The time when Kalu Ram visited Smile on Wheels, he was suffering from fever spell. The doctors diagnosed that Kalu Ram is suffering from Tuberculosis. Doctors informed his family that due to excessive inhalation of dust Kalu Ram has developed respiratory allergies which because of being neglected aggravated to TB. The doctors referred him in a DOT centre to start treatment immediately and advised him to continuously visit the Smile on Wheels.

With regular treatment there was visible improvement in Kalu Ram's health. Smile on Wheel's doctors say that Kalu Ram will be fit soon to go to work very soon.

Coming together for change

Employees of Software ECIL Pvt. Ltd. visited Smile Foundation centre at Arunodhaya Trust in Chennai, for an employee engagement activity. The programme was designed to suit the needs of underprivileged youth who want to get better jobs after completing their course.

Ms. Kavitha, Team Leader in Software ECIL Pvt. Ltd. taught the students about various skills such as facing interviews, building confidence and personality development. Ms. Kavitha gave a presentation on diverse career opportunities available in the market and encouraged the beneficiaries to participate in various role plays about their ambition in their life. The students enjoyed the session and found it very useful.




Employee Engagement activity with Software ECIL Pvt. Ltd


Seven new Mission Education projects

Dr. Ajoy Kumar, Member of Parliament and former Indian Police Service (IPS), Jamshedpur, inaugurating the Mission Education Project


Smile Foundation has started a new Mission Education project in Jamshedpur, with Young Men's Christian Association (YMCA). Under this project, 30 children, till recently living on the railway platforms, will get complete rehabilitation with education, healthcare, nutrition and other supports, thus help them achieve their respective dreams in near future. Dr. Ajoy Kumar, Member of Parliament and a former Indian Police Service (IPS) officer from Jamshedpur, inaugurated the project and motivated the children on 'no dream is impossible.’

Besides the project in Jamshedpur- Jharkhand, six new Mission Education project have been inaugurated in Goa, Vadodra, Bangalore, Andhra Pradesh and Assam.

HOPE for good health

Smile Foundation with support from Samsung conducted a health and awareness activity at Nai Disha, Mission Education centre, Delhi. The activity was conducted under 'Samsung HOPE Project' of Samsung. Various interactive and sensitizing sessions on health and hygiene were conducted with an aim to sensitize the students and their parents about the health hazards and the ways to prevent them.

The Samsung HOPE Project is aligned with Samsung's Global Hope for Children programme that seeks to bring attention to the worldwide need for childhood education and healthcare. Smile Foundation is implementing this initiative in the states of Delhi and Uttar Pradesh.





Samsung sharing healthy smiles

Mobile Hospital for Kolkata

Mr. Subir Khasnobis, CEO, ArcelorMittal Design and Engineering (Centre) handing over the key to Mr. H.N. Sahay, Director Operations Smile Foundation

Smile Foundation launched Smile on Wheels in Kolkata. This is also the 21st Smile on Wheels of Smile Foundation in India. This mobile healthcare initiative is providing comprehensive healthcare services for the underprivileged in the urban slums of South Kolkata and Ultadanga areas. This project is being supported by steel giant ArcelorMittal and is being implemented by Sabhuj Sangha.

The project was inaugurated by. Mr. Subir Khasnobis, CEO, ArcelorMittal Design and Engineering Centre and Mr. Tarakeswar Chakraborty, Chairman, Kolkata Municipal Corporation.

Spreading smiles in Karnataka

Smile Foundation rolled out its first Smile on Wheels mobile hospital for the state of Karnataka with support from Life Insurance Corporation of India. Implemented by Karuna Trust this mobile hospital is providing comprehensive healthcare services for the underprivileged people of Yemalur and Doddakanahalli areas in Bangalore. The project is a covering 58,000 people through preventive, curative and promotive healthcare services.

Besides ensuring the primary healthcare needs, a series of special health camps shall be organised on a regular interval to provide specialised medical services. Referral services are among the highlights of this innovative programme.

This is the 22nd Smile on Wheels project by Smile Foundation in India. Smile on Wheels operates by taking well-equipped mobile hospital units along with



Flagging of the Smile on Wheels for Karnataka

specialised doctors, nurses, medical staff, equipments and medicines to the identified villages and slums in a systematic manner

Smile ensured a gift of motherhood to Sapna

22 years old Sapna lives in Shri Ram J.J. Camp near Dhula Kuan in New Delhi. The health and hygiene situation of the community is very bad and the whole community dwellers live in deplorable health and hygiene conditions. During the counseling sessions in the community Smile Foundation's Swabhiman councilors met Sapna.

Sapna was looking very pale and weak and was standing alone in the corner; one of the Smile representatives talked to her and discovered that she was suffering from Tuberculosis. And, she seemed to be worried while talking with Smile councilors. She told them that her in-laws were planning



her husband's second marriage. Reason being, she is not able to conceive due to her health problem.

Smile councilors advised Sapna to visit Swabhiman’s mobile hospital for counseling and treatment sessions and assured a free treatment to her. During her visit to the mobile hospital a pregnancy test was carried out and it resulted positive. Smile doctors advised her to take a nutritious diet full of calcium and iron. Immediately after the test at the Smile mobile hospital her pregnancy test came positive at Safdarjung hospital too.

Immense pleasure and happiness flowed in Sapna's family. Sapna is thankful to Smile Foundation for bringing a positive change and beneficial impact in her life. Not only her treatment is duly taking place but she has got the gift of motherhood in her life.

Diwali celebration with Western Digital

Diwali is not just about bursting crackers, meeting friends and sharing sweets for Western Digital. Diwali is all about spreading smiles in the lives of underprivileged children. The employees of Western Digital celebrated Diwali with Smile children. The activity was conducted at Health and Care Mission Education centre of Smile Foundation. Numerous activities such as dance, drawing, singing, rangoli making was organised for the children and the employees. Children also played various fun games like anatakshri, tongue twisters with the teams. Both the employees and children enjoyed the day together.


Western Digital employees with Smile kids

Two more mobile hospitals for Barmer

Mr. Harish Choudhary, Member of Parliament from Barmer Flagging off Smile on Wheels

Smile Foundation launched two more Smile on Wheels with support from Cairn India in Barmer district of Rajasthan.

Both the mobile hospitals together are covering 40 villages in Barmer. One Smile on Wheels is covering villages namely, Rawatsar, Gonri Nadi, Nagnechiya Doonda, Bankaniyo Ka Awas, Sunaro Ki Dhani, Doodion Ki Dhani, Beriwala Tala, Gangasra, Lukhon Ka Tala, Motiano Ka Tala, Asoon Ki Dhani, Nathaniyon Ka Was, Sanjata, Poloniyon Ki Dhani, Khuberi Beri, Sayion Ka Tala, Sarecha, Budhrani Ki Dhani, Sarno Ka Tala, Gorsion Ka Tala in the Gudamalani, Sindri and Barmer blocks. Over 20,000 people will be benefitted directly every year through this project.

The second Smile on Wheels is also covering 20 villages of Baitu block, benefitting approximately 20,000 people directly. School children are also covered under this project through specialised health camps.

Exposure visit at Panasonic

Panasonic invited students of Smile Twin e-Learning Programme centre, at Nipun, Paschim Vihar, New Delhi to its Gurgaon office. The main idea behind arranging the visit was to give an exposure of the corporate environment to the students. Ms. Radhika Kalia, Head Public and Corporate Relationships, Panasonic and Mr. Prem Anand, Head, Marketing Department interacted with the students and provided guidance and tips to face an interview. Ms. Radhika Kalia provided valuable suggestions to the students on how to work to achieve their goals. The students learnt simple ways which could bring a huge difference in their lives.


Panasonic employees with STeP students at their Gurgaon office