The Smile-Xansa 20-20 Corporate Cricket Tournament 2006

When Xansa and the Smile Foundation came together to organize this tournament and "Play for a Cause", the response from the corporate sector was wonderfully encouraging. And well before the first ball was bowled on the 2nd of December, 2006, as many as 16 enthusiastic teams had already entered the fray.

Apart from Xansa, the field included Ericsson, Citi Financial, Deutsche Bank, Reebok, Canon, Bank of America, Hewlett Packard, Airtel, Opto Group, Verint, TCL, GE Money, Indian Air Force, IBM-Daksh and Ginni Filaments.

The Academy has also been working for larger social welfare. It has provided employment to the needy under the 'Berozgar ko Rozgar' scheme - by first eliciting a promise from them to send their children to school as soon as their income stabilizes! It has tried to encourage the Muslim community towards family planning.

It has identified 300 illiterate children who will be educated during the summer vacations. And has plans to construct buildings for schools that conduct classes in the open. The cricket was truly for a noble cause : generating support and resources for the welfare of 2000 street-children across Delhi. Smile has specially identified this segment for assistance : recognizing their stark vulnerability, lack of education, and involvement in such unpleasant activities as begging and ragpicking.

The tournament was inaugurated by former national player Sanjeev Sharma. The Indian Air Force (Officers) team lifted the Smile-Xansa Trophy in the final played on 21st January, 2007 at the Air Force Sports Complex, Palam, New Delhi - a game witnessed among others by the Chief Guest, Indian cricketer Akash Chopra.

"This is a great tournament and I congratulate the participants for being a part of this noble cause."
-- Daman Dev Sood, Xansa

"I would like to thank and congratulate Smile Foundation for organizing a tournament to support underprivileged children. I would like to support this cause in future too."
-- Akash Chopra, Indian cricketer

"I appreciate Smile for spreading this universal courage and bring people jointly to play for a cause."
-- Kirti Azad, former cricketer

"I appreciate Smile's effort to take this game as a medium to help those children who have only dreams in their eyes. I hope that very soon these children can change their dreams into reality."
-- Maninder Singh, former cricketer

Smile now intends to organize this Tournament at the national level, as an annual event, next year onwards. This way, it hopes to support and benefit a larger number of underprivileged children across India.

Caring for the less fortunate
Smile finds keen CSR partners
No longer orphans : HDFC & Smile make it happen

Smile is currently supporting four orphanages in the Sambalpur region of weatern Orissa. Established by concerned individuals and former freedom fighters, the institutions together house 158 children.

Until Smile's intervention, the orphanages were finding survival extremely difficult, in spite of State financial assistance. Now, in partnership with a local NGO called 'Utsarga', Smile has not only alleviated their discomfort, but has also contributed to the construction of residential facilities.

To make things even better, India's premier finance company HDFC has also joined hands in this caring endeavour. It has volunteered to provide all capital expenses as well as part of recurring costs for the project this year. The Rs 2,00,000 aid will be used to improve basic amenities, provide nutritional supplements, create recreational facilities and support ongoing educational and healthcare programmes.
From rags to Smile : with help from HSBC

It was 2nd December,'06. Suddenly, HSBC's Barakhamba Road branch was swarming with a crowd of children rag-pickers ! No, they hadn't walked in uninvited - past security - but were there as special guests in a unique contact programme.

The children were brought together by Smile, in association with HSBC, and spent a whole day of fun-filled activities in the office with the staff. The simple objective : sensitizing people to the social and emotional needs of the children, and making the kids feel cared for and a dignified part of society.