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Vikram Singh Verma

Dear readers and supporters,

The adoption of the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) by governments worldwide at the UN Sustainable Development Summit, comes as a great encouragement and motivation to Smile Foundation which has been already been collaborating with multiple stakeholders including indigenous community based organisations, international development organisations, local government bodies, corporate, institutions, schools, individuals and the civil society, to exchange knowledge, combine resources and promote the ideal of shared and sustained prosperity.

In line with the core ideas of the SDG is our mobile hospital programme Smile on Wheels, which works with a community driven approach. The Cover Story draws attention towards this highly scalable, replicable and sustainable health delivery model, which can provide an answer to the scarcity of proper medical facilities and trained doctors in the rural interiors of India where people are deprived even of the most basic amenities.

Be it healthcare, livelihood, or empowerment, change begins with education. Smile Foundation has always believed that education of children is the cornerstone of any development. In Focus highlights the Mission Education project in Telangana, which is dedicatedly working towards the upliftment of tribal children, enabling them and their parents to live a life of dignity.

With new projects, partnerships, lots of innovations and interesting events, this has been a great time for all of us at Smile Foundation, and as we continue on our journey, we do it with renewed enthusiasm.

We would like to thank all our readers, friends and supporters for their constant encouragement and motivation. It is your partnership that inspires us to do better everyday.

As always, we look forward to your feedback, suggestions, advice and support.

Warm Regards

Vikram Singh Verma
Chief Operating Officer